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How to put make-up

Makeup - an ornament person or hiding his defects with the help of makeup. His story is from ancient times, when people were just beginning to observe hygiene and use various means to look better. Of course, now the means and methods of its application are quite different.

How to put make-up

You will need:

Soap, scrub, mask, cream, ice cube, tone cream, sponge, mascara, powder, eye shadow applicators, cotton swab, blush brush, lip liner, lipstick, gloss

Instruction how to clean makeup

Step 1:

Prepare the skin for makeup. First, clean it well with soap (liquid soap, foam for washing or other means), then use a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells. Then apply a nourishing agent. It can be a mask (as made at home, and purchase) or cream. If you applied the mask, wait for the allotted time, and wash it off. If you use a cream to wait on applying makeup for a while until it is completely absorbed.

Step 2:

If your face does not look good, for example, there was swelling or redness, use an ice cube, frozen organic coffee or juice. Allow the skin to dry naturally.

Step 3:

Take the concealer and apply it to the entire facial skin using a sponge. If the tone is different from your natural color, and apply it on the neck. To hide the darker areas of skin, such as bags under the eyes, use a lighter concealer. In order to conceal the defects of the face, such as acne or scars, use a darker foundation.

Step 4:

Take the mascara and apply the first coat. Wait until it dries. Take the powder and gently put it on the painted eyelashes. Cover with another layer of mascara.

Step 5:

Select eyeliner. This may be the shadow, pencil or liquid eyeliner. Start the application from the interior of the eye. By the outer corner of the line should be thicker. This is the place to apply the darkest color. If you have used the shade, blend them with the applicator. Make a line on the upper and lower eyelid.

Step 6:

If you need to make the evening (brighter) make-up, put the shade prior to the eyebrows, with every inch of making the color brighter. Under eyebrow they should be almost invisible. With a cotton swab to remove all the lines uneven.

Step 7:

Take the powder and apply it on the face. Take a rouge and brush them. Smile. Apply blush on the part of the cheekbone that has become more prominent in the moment of a smile. The transition from a powder blush to make smooth. Take the eyeliner or shadow of the color of your hair. Little Doris eyebrow line. They make the outer edge slightly above the natural hairline.

Step 8:

Apply a lip powder. This will allow the lipstick last longer. If you want to visually enlarge them, take a pencil darker than the lipstick. Draw the outline of the lips. Applicator blend it towards the center of the mouth. Apply lipstick or lip gloss on. Now, your makeup is completed.