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How to quickly get rid of spots after acne

Acne and acne does not decorate the face, and make it sloppy and unattractive, not only for the individual but also for his companion. However, cure acne, you will encounter the following problem: the dark spots on the skin. In the fight with them will help you simple folk remedies.

How to quickly get rid of spots after acne

You will need:

- green clay; - The essential oil of rosemary; - Moisturizer for the face; - Medical paraffin; - Cucumber; - Lemon; - hydrogen peroxide; - Bodyaga; - tea tree oil.

Instruction how to quickly get rid of spots after acne

Step 1:

Mask of clay has an excellent action - dissolves scars and spots after acne. For its preparation you will need half a tablespoon of green clay, which should dissolve a small amount of cold water until the consistency of sour cream, be careful not to leave lumps. Add the weight of three drops of rosemary essential oil and mix thoroughly. Put the cooked clay mixture on the problem areas (where there were stains) and leave for ten minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water makeup and moisturize your face cream, suitable to your style. Make a mask once a day (every other day), Course - 4 masks. If necessary, repeat the procedure two weeks.

Step 2:

A great tool for removing stains after acne is a medical paraffin, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Melt the wax in a water bath and apply with a cotton swab on the skin with spots, let it completely cool. The wax should not be disposed of, it can be used for follow-up procedures. Before applying hot wax and after its removal lubricate the skin moisturizing or nourishing cream with vitamins. It is necessary to refuse from the wax, if the face has a vascular mesh.

Step 3:

Cucumber juice helps bleach spots after acne. Chop the cucumber grated and apply slurry on the face, leave a cucumber mask on for twenty minutes (instead of the slurry can be used a cucumber, sliced ​​circles). It has the same effect, and lemon juice. Lemon and cucumber - natural skin brighteners. In addition, cucumber juice reduces the production of sebum and tones oily skin.

Step 4:

Mix bodyaga with hydrogen peroxide in a proportion of one to one. Put the cooked mixture on your face and massage in a circular motion for three minutes, and avoid areas of the skin around the eyes. Leave the pulp to dry and rinse with warm water. Since sensitive skin after the procedure may blush, such a mask is recommended to do at the weekend and it is advisable not to go out in the sun during the day.

Step 5:

Tea tree oil is a leader among the essential oils to combat inflammation in the skin. Moisten a cotton swab in tea tree oil and dot wipe the skin up to three times a day for five days. You can combine tea tree oil with essential oil of rosemary. You can use these oils in turn, the main thing - not to abuse and use only on problem areas.