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How to quickly reduce the black eye

The reasons for the emergence of this unpleasant phenomenon as a black eye, weight: occupational accidents, injuries, falls, conflicts between people ... Life is full of surprises, both pleasant and not so. And no one is safe from them. In any case, "put" bruise easily and quickly and effectively get rid of it seems difficult. However, to cope with this problem is possible, the main thing - not to lose time.

How to quickly reduce the black eye

You will need:

- troksevazinovaya ointment; - "Ascorutin"; - Heparin ointment; - Bodyaga; - Herb rosemary; - The grass mother and stepmother; - Honey; - vegetable oil; - egg yolk; - Flour; - Vodka; - Celandine grass; - Bark viburnum; - Aloe Vera; - Beets; - Dried calendula flowers; - onion; - Salt.

Instruction how to quickly make a black eye

Step 1:

If you took the trouble, you fell and hurt yourself, attach directly to the injury site something cold (for example, a bag of ice or metal coin) for 15 minutes. The vessels will be narrowed, and the skin gets less blood. As a result, the region will be less bruising, too. After liberally lubricate the place of injury troksevazinovoy ointment.

Step 2:

Quickly reduce the black eye will help creams and preparations containing rutin, heparin, vitamin P or chestnut extract ( "Ascorutin" heparin ointment bodyaga). Effective use of drugs based on arnica. Providing anti-inflammatory action, they promote the resorption of bruising.

Step 3:

To reduce bruising and help folk remedies. Prepare a decoction of herbs rosemary and mother-and-stepmother. Taking them in equal parts, pour a glass of water, boil 5 minutes, let it brew for half an hour. From the resulting broth to make a lotion injury.

Step 4:

Make a poultice of honey and vegetable oil. Take a tablespoon of each component, mix with egg yolk and flour. The resulting mush apply to the site of injury in the day.

Step 5:

Excellent proven tool in reducing bruising is vodka. Mix it with water in equal parts and freeze to form ice. The obtained cubes wipe as often as possible to the place of injury.

Step 6:

Mix for 2 h. Spoon celandine herbs, bark viburnum and a tablespoon of crushed leaves of aloe. Pour a small amount of boiling water and leave for half an hour. The resulting mixture was put to a bruise, and after 20 minutes rinse. These gadgets help narrowing of blood vessels and fast healing.

Step 7:

Mix a tablespoon pulp of aloe leaves, 3 h. Spoon celandine herbs and a little raw beets, passed through a fine grater. From the juice released from the resulting mass, make a compress on the site of injury. Best overnight.

Step 8:

Take 2 tbsp. tablespoons dried calendula flowers and fill them with ½ cup of boiling water. All this boil 5 minutes in a water bath. Allow to cool and make compresses from the resulting broth.

Step 9:

Hematoma quickly disappears when applying a compress of onions with salt. Grind grated onion, salt it, and wrapped in cloth, Z times a day apply to the site of injury for 15-20 minutes.