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How to quickly remove redness

Facial flushing and rosacea - cosmetic imperfections that appear on the wings and the back of the nose, cheeks and sometimes on the forehead. In most cases the erythema associated with the appearance on the face of the expanded mesh leather vessels. Temporary reddening can be caused by exposure to low or too high temperatures or chemicals. Remove redness and can be at home.

How to quickly remove redness

You will need:

- green camouflage pencil; - Lotion; - Tonic; - Foundation; - Masking the green powder; - cotton buds; - Medical paraffin; - Cinnamon; - Honey; - Essential oil of cinnamon; - Clay; - Powder.

Instruction how to quickly remove the redness

Step 1:

Use green camouflage pencil to quickly remove the redness from acne. Before applying it, thoroughly clean the skin, rub lotion (you can also use the tonic).

Step 2:

Camouflage pencil, apply a dot on the inflamed areas. After this, gently blend the pencil, and the top, apply concealer. As a general rule, pick up on the foundation shade lighter natural skin color.

Step 3:

If on the face of a lot of red spots, use masking green powder. Apply it to the places where red pimples and blemishes. Above apply flesh-colored powder (applied in several layers until zamaskiruete completely green powder previous).

Step 4:

Remove redness, you can use a special mask. Mix equal parts cinnamon and honey, the resulting mixture was put on the red areas of the skin and keep for twenty minutes. a mask for maximum effect should be applied for 10-14 consecutive days.

Step 5:

Quickly removes redness mask of clay (white or green). In order to make such a mask in the home, dissolve the clay with water until creamy state and add to it a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon. This mask is applied to the reddened areas.

Step 6:

Redness can remove with the help of medical paraffin. To do this, melt the wax, dip a cotton swab and apply the wax on the reddened areas in it. When podstynet wax, remove it, and then lubricate the red areas cream containing vitamin E and A.