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How to recover after breastfeeding

Pregnancy and infant feeding - this is the most joyful and difficult period in a woman's life. Mammary glands increase in size, which may contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. In addition, there are often overweight due to hormonal changes the body. The recovery period can speed up if give yourself plenty of time.

How to recover after breastfeeding

You will need:

- cold and hot shower; - Diet; - physical exercises.

Instruction how to recover after breastfeeding

Step 1:

After breast lactation period can still remain somewhat enlarged. To prevent stretch marks, every day, take a contrast shower. Water treatments help to improve blood circulation, the skin becomes more elastic.

Step 2:

After water procedures carefully soak through the chest soft towel, apply a special cream, designed to prevent stretch marks. Do not wear very tight bra. If the chest began to decline, picks up a bra in accordance with the changed size.

Step 3:

To reduce excess weight Exercise daily, reduce caloric intake. If during the period of gestation of pregnancy and breast-feeding you nothing himself not limited to, completion of lactation - the perfect time to do it.

Step 4:

The main component of the diet make boiled or steamed vegetables. Instead of sweets eat fruit, totally abstain from food after 18 hours, do not use Viennoiserie, limit the intake of canned, smoked and spicy dishes. Eat fractional and often. This will help to lose a few kilos and feel much more confident.

Step 5:

Do not forget to do morning exercises every day. Care enough time consuming and forces the child, but it does not involve all the muscle groups. Mostly required exercises to strengthen the abdomen, thighs.

Step 6:

For abdominal muscles, use exercises on inflation of the press. During pregnancy stretch obliques. To strengthen proceed to the next type of exercise every day. Lie on your back, tighten the toes of the bed, his hands behind his head. Raise the trunk 100-150 times at a rapid pace. Run the first time this exercise is quite difficult, but with the training you will be able to perform its specified number of times without a problem.

Step 7:

The same method can be used to strengthen the obliques, lifting his feet. This hand should be behind your head. If you find it difficult on their own to start training, join a fitness center. It is enough to visit him three times a week and cause the muscles in the order under the guidance of an experienced coach. The results are not long in coming. You will be in the same excellent shape, both before birth and feeding the baby.