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How to relieve irritation after epilation

Excess hair on the body - the eternal problem of all women. Their method of disposal, there are many: shaving, waxing, depilatory cream. If the skin is sensitive, even the softest means leave her irritation. The situation is aggravated misuse or inaccurate razor follow the instructions.

How to relieve irritation after epilation

Instruction how to relieve irritation after epilation

Step 1:

Immediately after depilation disinfect the skin of hydrogen peroxide or 70% alcohol. Alcohol contributes to a narrowing of pores, it protects the skin against the penetration of bacteria and germs. The main thing - avoid contact with alcohol on the mucosa. After disinfection, put on a skin moisturizer.

Step 2:

Sometimes alcohol is on the skin unpleasant or even painful. In this case, use other antiseptic tinctures, for example, hlorgesedin, miramistin, furatsilina solution. Using these tools, you can not be afraid to get on the mucous membranes. You can use the antiseptic ointment - "Aktovegin", "Solkoseril", "Malawi".

Step 3:

A good tool to relieve irritation is "Panthenol" Burns known means. Apply "Panthenol" on irritated skin as soon as possible after shaving.

Step 4:

Tea tree oil - a good antispetik. The pure essential oil, use only a dot. Dilute three drops of oil in a tablespoon of vegetable oil to use in the bikini area. The oil is absorbed for a long time, but is well removes skin irritation.

Step 5:

A well-known folk remedy is the usual aloe - cut off the leaf, clean it, trim the edges so as not to prick. Cut sheet in half and attach to the irritated skin fleshy part of the leaf. Among other folk remedy - decoction of various herbs. Good soothe irritation celandine, chamomile, calendula. Brew grass, filter the solution and soak cotton pads. Apply drives to the site of stimulation.

Step 6:

Use baby powder or baby cream against inflammation, also works well face cream with aloe and chamomile.

Step 7:

Often the irritation may be an allergic reaction to the wax or other drugs. In this case, refer to the allergist. Against allergies tavigil used. Before using it, consult with your doctor and read the contraindications.