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How to remove eye make-up without the help of milk or tonic

There are cases where women gathered to remove makeup before going to bed, he discovers that cleansers are over. Run to the store late, and the prospect of hard soap and rub your eyes somehow not happy. Remove eye make-up and save with the delicate eyelid skin to help simple home beauty recipes.

How to remove eye make-up without the help of milk or tonic

You will need:

- cotton pads and sticks - sour cream - olive oil, vegetable oil, vaseline or castor oil - milk - egg - mineral water without gas

Instruction how to remove eye make-up without the help of milk or tonic

Step 1:

Plain cream there in any refrigerator. Due to its oily texture, excellent cream removes eye make-up without irritating the mucous membrane of them. With the tip of a teaspoon scoop a bit of sour cream and apply on a cotton pad. Attach to the eyes and gently wipe in the direction from the outer to the inner corner. Wash with warm water.

Step 2:

There was no sour cream? Take milk and vegetable oil (one teaspoon of oil to 50 ml of milk) and mix well. Use the resulting mixture as a lotion for removing eye make-up.

Step 3:

An excellent way to remove even waterproof mascara is a raw egg white. The same procedure should be carried out in two stages: first, clean the eyelids and lashes with a cotton pad soaked in egg white, then remove the raw material with the help of mineral water without gas.

Step 4:

If there are no shadows on the eyelids, the procedure is simplified. To remove the mascara alone can use a cotton swab soaked in castor oil. Just walk gently on the stick lash line several times. Castor oil promotes growth of the eyelashes and can not wash off (unless you do not overdo it with the amount). Instead of castor can use Vaseline or any liquid oil (olive, grape seed oil, etc.).