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How to remove hair on the chest

Removing hair from the chest - one of the most schepetilnyh those for men. Someone refers to this critical, saying that it makes men metrosexual. But some members of the stronger sex still clean hair. It happens that the hair is growing and the female breast. Remove vegetation such or not - the question is not worth it.

How to remove hair on the chest

You will need:

Razor, wax, epilator, depilatory creams.

Instruction how to remove hair on the chest

Step 1:

It has long gone are the days when a man with a hairy chest was considered the standard of beauty. Now the dense vegetation is no longer in vogue. Many women like inflated male models, metrosexuals with the lack of body hair voobsche.Udalyaya hair from the chest, be aware that it is - a rather painful part of the body, in addition, you have to constantly repeat the process again and again. The most common method - to remove hair with a razor. Painless, simple, cheap. While shaving his chest will often, perhaps every day. In addition, you need to use emollient gel after shaving.

Step 2:

You can remove hair with epilator or wax strips. It is more painful but more long-term (compared with shaving).

Step 3:

There are special depilatory creams that are applied to the hair and destroy them. The effect is delayed by 2-3 days, after some time will have to repeat the operation. After a hair removal possible reddening of the skin, but the procedure is painless.

Step 4:

For women who have individual hairs grow on your chest. suitable removal forceps. The result will last longer than a month, then it will be necessary to repeat the procedure.

Step 5:

The best method of hair removal on chest is laser hair removal. This is the most durable (though expensive) and painless way, using it in some cases it is possible to remove hair permanently.