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How to remove pimples from her face quickly

It happens that a meeting is scheduled or planned date, or it is time for the solemn event. Are you ready, but as luck would have the most prominent place appears a pimple, which spoils the impression. And start finding a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

How to remove pimples from her face quickly

You will need:

-chamomile; -chereda; -calendula; -alcohol; -zinc ointment; -trava rosemary.

Instruction how to remove pimples from her face quickly

Step 1:

Make a steam bath, adding a variety of herbs: chamomile, calendula or series. The steam softens the skin well, expanding the pores. For steaming the face to remove acne is much easier and faster. And traces of removal will be virtually unnoticeable.

Step 2:

After a steam bath, drain well face with a paper towel and determine at what stage of maturation is a pimple. If it is maroon with a tapered shape and stands out clearly on the face, it can safely squeeze with its root. If you do not do this, as it should, until the end, and do not eject all white contents, which was under the skin, then tomorrow this place will be a new pimple.

Step 3:

Do not press too hard. Otherwise traces remain on the skin. If a pimple is ripe, it should be easily squeezed. Check to see if the root is completely out. This is evidenced by the appearance of a clean, red blood drops on the spot acne.

Step 4:

Treat the wound with alcohol solution. This will help prevent infection.

Step 5:

If a pimple is not yet ripe, the night lay upon him alcohol compress. It is excellent pulling pus. Wet medical 90% alcohol cotton ball, apply for spots and secure with adhesive tape. In the morning will be less inflammation and swelling and redness disappear without a trace.

Step 6:

Remove acne using zinc-based ointment. Squeeze a few drops on your finger, heavily lubricate inflamed pimple, and the area around it. Repeat 6-8 times a day.

Step 7:

Rub the sore spot decoction of rosemary. Take a tablespoon of dry grass with flowers, pour a half cup of boiling water. With this simple way you get rid of acne in a very short time.

Step 8:

All the above recipes are only effective when the spots appear on the face or body, and rarely in the unit quantity. If you suffer from the constant eruptions on the skin, make sure you go for a consultation with a dermatologist. After all these pimples may indicate diseases of the endocrine system or liver problems. The doctor will prescribe a specific treatment to restore balance in the body.