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How to repaint the hair red

Thanks to its rich palette of shades of red hair color is suitable for almost all women. Despite the fact that the red hair - the most unpredictable, and color over time, it is very difficult to deduce, millions of women prefer this to any other hair color. The reason is simple: bright hair - orange, pomegranate, red - image fills the magical charm and attracts attention. To change the image went as planned, you should stick to this plan:

How to repaint the hair red

You will need:

Hair dye (natural dyes - henna, onion peel, professional paint).

Instruction how to repaint the hair red

Step 1:

Select a shade of red color, the color of fire and passion, has a huge palette. A woman with any type of appearance in this variety finds its own unique hue. To a new hair color is ideal, it is better to consult with a stylist or try on virtual and real wigs of various shades of red.

Step 2:

Do not reject henna Henna - is not just the most gentle hair dye. It also has useful properties. If you have dark hair, examine the impact of henna on your own hair color. Perhaps it is natural dye will give you the desired shade, and to resort to chemical dyes do not have to.

Step 3:

Onion onion husks, like henna, excellent natural colorant. It will give your hair an orange-reddish hue. But this method is suitable only to owners dark hair, because blonde locks after the onions become even lighter.

Step 4:

Tea reddish-brown hue can also be achieved by means of an ordinary black tea leaves. That they dyed their hair in the past.

Step 5:

Blonde hair after coloring to hair was not defiant bright, choose a copper and brown hues. They are better suited to owners of the rest of blond hair.

Step 6:

Remove gray hair by itself red tone sometimes can not cope with gray coverage, so you need to buy paint with a brown tint.

Step 7:

Lung capacity, subtle highlights will give a mop of red hair extra volume.

Step 8:

Save Auburn color hair color quickly fades, so staining procedure should be done more often than usual. Also, do not forget about the masks for hair with keratin, proteins and plant extracts. They also help to keep you mellow tone.