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How to restore eyebrows

Eyebrows are able to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, which is achieved through regular maintenance and adjustment. However, you may encounter such a problem like hair loss and slow growth that can not disturb women. Returned fashion naturalness and the naturalness of the eyebrows, they should be smooth, soft and quite thick. If you are not endowed by nature such a gift, achieve the desired result with simple methods.

How to restore eyebrows

You will need:

- complex vitamins; - Vitamin A and E; - olive oil; - Castor oil; - Carrot juice; - Marigold flowers; - Vodka; - almond oil; - Peach oil.

Instruction how to restore eyebrows

Step 1:

The reasons for thinning eyebrows may be enough. If you suffer from this problem, analyze and identify possible causes. This may be due to regular plucking hairs on one and the same place, whereupon they become weak and sparse. Within four months does not give plucks eyebrows and the hair follicles to become stronger in their place, get in this time, the stimulation of their activities.

Step 2:

Take a complex of vitamins and trace elements, consult a doctor-cosmetologist. It may also be used topically vitamins. To do this, prepare a mixture of thirty drops of vitamin A, vitamin E fifteen drops of olive oil and a teaspoon of castor oil. All mix thoroughly and rub the oil composition prepared in the eyebrows a few times a week. Already after a month or two you will see excellent results.

Step 3:

To improve and accelerate the growth of eyebrows, you can use a mask on the basis of carrot juice and vitamin A. To prepare, add a few drops of vitamin A (in the form of oil) to natural tablespoon freshly squeezed carrot juice. Wet gauze in the carrot mixture and apply on the eyebrows. After twenty minutes rinse with warm water.

Step 4:

Effectively mask acts of medicinal marigold. Take a tablespoon of marigold flowers and pour a glass of good vodka, insist in a dark and cool place for two weeks. Before use, dilute the composition of half water, soak cotton pads or pieces of bandage and apply to the thinned eyebrows and a half hours. Do this procedure three times a week for one or two months.

Step 5:

Constantly feed his eyebrows, apply the mask and make a compress. Various oil (almond, olive, peach and conventional vegetable) do an excellent job with the function of the power of eyebrows. Apply one of these oils (preheated) by the brush moving along the hair growth. For the growth of eyebrows, use castor oil, which is recommended to be applied at night as a compress. For best effect, make a gentle massage of the eyebrows, pushing the area of ​​hair and pinching the skin.