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How to restore natural hair color

It happens that you understand how you are your natural hair color only after much experimentation with other shades. And if the conversion back to blonde or brown-haired woman brunette - an easy task, then return the hair, painted in a dark color, its natural light shade - it is long and difficult.

How to restore natural hair color

You will need:

- Peeling shampoo; - Paint 1-2 shades darker than your natural color; - Unstable paint.

Instruction how to restore natural hair color

Step 1:

Pity their hair and do not attempt to solve this problem once. To overnight wash all pigment, you will have to use very aggressive washes that do not just damage the hair structure, and virtually destroy it.

Step 2:

Make a short cut so much you can afford. Grooming not only simplifies the transition from color-treated hair to its natural color, but also allows the hair to grow faster, eliminates split ends, facilitates the entire mass of hair, which also has a positive effect on the recovery of the entire head of hair.

Step 3:

Wash your hair shampoo for deep cleansing, also called peeling shampoo. From well-known brands of these include Herbal Essences Degunkify, Bonacure Deep Cleasing, Senscience Shiseido Lab. Such shampoos exfoliate dead cells, gently wash away the artificial coloring pigment, a good wash away the dirt and dust, allowing the hair and scalp to absorb the intense variety of masks. Typically, these shampoos do not use more than once a week, but on different media have different instructions better acquainted with the one that is placed on the bottle that you purchased.

Step 4:

Stained and individual strands of hair roots in the shade, which is 1-2 darker your natural shade. Pigment eventually wash off a bit and eventually merge with your natural hair color. Every time Tint smaller strands all over the head, closer to the natural color. Now the fashion highlights, brondirovanie, Fancy painting, and you is just at hand.

Step 5:

If you do not want to have a "patchwork" head unstable paint the hair dye, the effect of which lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. Choose the one whose composition contains a variety of caring substances.