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How to save the form in pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, the whole world becomes a completely different colors, different meaning and different goals. And what once seemed very important, ceases to have any meaning today. But this is not always correct. For example, do not ever (even during pregnancy) forget about your favorite figure. It still requires your care, only this time more intense, to maintain the original shape.

How to save the form in pregnancy

Instruction how to maintain shape during pregnancy

Step 1:

To get started, consult your doctor. It should tell you how much you can during the period of pregnancy gain weight. Given the variety of physiological needs of women, her health and proceeding pregnancy, the doctor will calculate the natural weight gain. On average, it ranges from 10-15 kg.

Step 2:

Modern medicine advises women awaiting baby, go to yoga classes, massage and gymnastics for pregnant women. Do not be lazy, do not be afraid and be sure to sign up for these classes (of course, if you is not contraindicated and does not prevent the physician). On the one hand, the positive impact on the development of the fetus, and on the other - will provide a full load of muscles.

Step 3:

During pregnancy, because of the growth of the fruit leather women very much stretched. Connection skin tissues become less elastic, and this leads to scars and stretch marks on the chest, thighs and abdomen. Therefore, it is now the body will require increased attention. To maintain its elasticity and prevent scarring, use body creams that contain a large amount of collagen. Moreover, the more they will contain the substance, the better.