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How to shave a strip on eyebrows

Strips, shaved on the eyebrows, added shocking appearance and draw attention to the face. Patterns and stripes make both guys and girls. To this decoration look stylish, you must choose a high-quality tools and carry out the procedure carefully.

How to shave a strip on eyebrows

You will need:

- disposable machine; - Electric beater-trimmer; - straight razor; - Shaving gel; - Cooling compress or ice; - hydrogen peroxide; - Lotion; - Tweezers; - Gel or styling wax.

Instruction on how to shave a strip of eyebrows

Step 1:

Prepare everything you need. Buy a disposable razor or a machine with replaceable blades. For shaving thin strips and patterns need an electric shaver and trimmer insert. Do not skimp on the tools - a dull razor can cause skin irritation, besides the strip will turn rough.

Step 2:

Before shaving remove the facial makeup. Clean the skin with an alcohol lotion to clean and degrease it. If your skin is prone to redness and swelling, do a cold compress on the brow - this procedure will make the shaving process is painless.

Step 3:

Decide in advance how to look your eyebrows, which width and shape will have a bar. Note that it will be difficult to correct the mistake in the case of an error. Even when the hairs grow back, shave the place may look different.

Step 4:

Place the shaving and the angle of inclination of the strip can be designated cosmetic pencil. Correct the shape of the eyebrows by removing the excess hair on top and bottom. To do this, use a razor or tweezers. The first method is faster, but the tweezers removes hair at the root and gives a long-term result.

Step 5:

If you shaved strip mechanical machine, keep it at the required angle Take short neat movement, shaving excess hair. Try not to cut the skin. In case of an error, stop the blood with a special pencil or swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

Step 6:

Much faster you can shave with a straight razor strip rarity. It requires some skill. Pre-sharpen the blade and gently slide it across the target site, scraping the hairs. You can shave dry skin or cause the removal of hairs in place a little transparent gel.

Step 7:

Those who do not want to manipulate the cutting objects, you should use an electric with a special nozzle-trimmer. It allows for a smooth band on the eyebrows, without damaging the skin. Shave dry skin, after the procedure, treat it with a mild lotion.

Step 8:

If the line has turned out not too clear, adjust it with tweezers. Carefully remove hairs sticking out. Soothe your skin with chamomile compresses or ice cube. Place the colorless or tinted brow gel or wax and dye them in the selected color when needed.