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How to shorten the nose

Many women something in his appearance does not like, even if it is a small, almost imperceptible detail. And most of the ladies are unhappy with the shape of the nose: it is not enough flat, it is not as elegant as I would like, that is too long or wide. With the help of makeup, you can visually adjust the shape of the nose, reducing the length or narrowed. It is important not to overdo it.

How to shorten the nose

Instruction how to shorten the nose

Step 1:

First, prepare the skin, cleaning it thoroughly and toning. Then apply a little moisturizer or cream matting that matches your skin type. To make you not "floated" I wait until the cream is absorbed. This will occur in about 10 minutes.

Step 2:

Then, align with the help of a tonal framework complexion. It should be possible to approach the skin tone. You can optionally lock the tonal foundation powder to give skin a matte finish.

Step 3:

Nose "potato" can make up through the back of the nose highlights and darkening its wings. Just avoid the clear geometric lines, try to comply with smooth rounded shapes. Roundness can also be added in the design of the eyebrows and eye make-up - it will make a rounded shape of the nose less noticeable.

Step 4:

Too broad nose can be narrowed visually by darkening it with powdered wings, a little darker than your complexion. If you do the bridge and wide, bring the line to brow darkening.

Step 5:

Wide and at the same time, a long nose - bad case. But everything is correctable - optional Clear up the entire back of the nose. It is advisable to apply the powder on the inner corners of eyes and nose to the tip of the bend. Movement should be smooth and easy.

Step 6:

Now take a look at the tone of the face. You need to carefully shade color shades applied powder.

Step 7:

You can adjust and fine long nose. To optically shortened, it should be on the tip of the wings and the top brush apply powder, the powder should be in the darker tone than the basic shade. Start working with the brush base of the nose and point it upwards only. Watch for color transitions powder - they should not be too harsh. Thoroughly blend the correct boundaries. On top of make-up, apply a little blush on the tip of the nose.