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How to straighten skin

Smooth and perfectly smooth skin - every woman's dream, but age, poor diet and poor ecology do their work, and in most cases, over time, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes some defects, including, enlarged pores and pigmentation. Get rid of these defects is not so difficult, if you start to pay attention to the condition of your skin as often as possible. To align the skin, you can use different methods.

How to straighten skin

Instruction how to straighten out the skin

Step 1:

The most common method of preventing enlarged pores, roughness and dead skin cells, accessible to everyone in the home is peeling. The fine abrasive particles exfoliate dead skin cells, refresh it and allow the skin to breathe. Some peels have a thermo effect, which means that rapidly penetrates into the skin. To narrow the enlarged pores, regularly clean the skin with the help of special tools. If cleaned regularly face, acne, dark spots and enlarged pores disappear and your skin will be smooth and beautiful.

Step 2:

Apply to clean, not only peels and scrubs, and soothing lotions and gels with extracts of aloe vera, chamomile, grapefruit, lemon, and other medicinal substances. Wash in the morning and evening, and after each wash wipe the face with ice. During the day, use a moisturizer that protects the skin.

Step 3:

If you want a more serious and effective alignment, you should contact the experts cosmetologist in the beauty salon. Specialized salons offer a diverse range of services for skin - such as cryotherapy. Cryotherapy appeared on the market of cosmetic services is relatively recent, and it affects the skin extremely low temperatures. Cold gas -140 degrees temperature within seconds the face is treated, and the pores are narrowed. Visit several cryotherapy treatments, if you want to achieve a noticeable effect.

Step 4:

You can also visit cryomassage procedure - during her skin is exposed to liquid nitrogen, which leveled it and improves its color. At home, you will achieve a similar effect, a piece of ice having washed, massaging his face with.

Step 5:

Another procedure is that you can order for skin in the beauty salon - this ultrasonic treatment, or darsonvilizatsiya. Skin in the affected high-frequency currents, and it rejuvenates and refreshes the face.