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How to tighten the tummy

With the onset of the summer so I want to wear short dresses, tight jeans and T-shirts stubby, which offer a nice flat tummy. But what to do if the belly is far from ideal? Do not despair, to achieve the desired result may not be spending all day in the health club.

How to tighten the tummy

Instruction how to tighten the tummy

Step 1:

To support your tummy into shape enough to eat, clean the body, is no slouch, not bulging belly, try to draw it in itself - over time you get used to it. The muscles of your stomach get used to the position in which they reside. If you stop to slouch and will walk with a smooth back, the abdominal muscles will be toned.

Step 2:

The next stage - a proper diet. Overeating, eating a heavy fatty meal at night can harm not only your stomach, but also throughout the body. Properly feeding, you increase efficiency, improve well-being and recovery are contributing to your body. Try to eat frequently but in small portions. Do not torture himself to death - when the body is under stress, it starts to lay fat. Do not eat large portions - so you just stretch out the stomach. 10 Do not make snacking throughout the day, try to drink plenty of fluids, after six in the evening is not the best (in a pinch eat at least three hours before bedtime). Reduce your intake of carbohydrates to a minimum (pasta, bread, chocolate, potatoes, flour products).

Step 3:

If you like sweet tea, it is necessary to drink tea with a spoon of sugar, rather than three.

Step 4:

Eat as much fruit and vegetable salad with beets, carrots, cabbage.

Step 5:

Do exercises for the press. To get a good result it is necessary to do exercises every day for fifteen minutes (may be more, but not less). If the work does not allow you to do the exercises every day, try to at least four times a week, otherwise your efforts will be in vain. Catching up on a daily basis, soon you will see a positive result: the muscles tightened, will ease throughout the body.

Step 6:

Do not forget about the cleansing of the body. Every day in the body are accumulated slag, which leads to deterioration of metabolism. To rid the body of toxins, it is sufficient to take a bath with a special salt.