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How to use false eyelashes

Lucky for those who by nature long fluffy eyelashes, but also those who did not get such a luxury, it is not necessary to lose heart. False eyelashes - a win-win, which will give depth and expression to the view, depending on the situation will feel confident and playful, will conquer the hearts of men.

How to use false eyelashes

Instruction how to use false eyelashes

Step 1:

False eyelashes can be a long and thick, and can look very original and even extravagant, such as eyelashes with sequins or fur. With overhead cilia can simulate not only the depth and shape of the eyes, but also the shape of the face, creating the desired visual effect depending on the selected image and mood.

Step 2:

Color overhead cilia choose not difficult. Owners warm skin tones fit brown lashes, and owners of cold bluish-pink skin tone should choose black lashes.

Step 3:

Before buying, make sure that the material from which made eyelashes, no allergic reactions. For those who are too sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses, false eyelashes can cause excessive strain on the eyes.

Step 4:

Hang small bunches of cilia is more convenient, so that they can be cut into suitable lengths. If lashes are too long, they can be a little trim.

Step 5:

Hang lashes better to eyeliner on, it should be remembered that the adhesive is applied only on the lashes themselves, but not for ever. Having a little glue to dry, attach them to start in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inside. Presses the cilia from the middle to the edges, giving them a few seconds for it to stick.

Step 6:

Then you should check how well were attached eyelashes, gently move them in different directions. Further, it is already possible to apply another line of eyeliner and mascara use. To correct the direction of the cilia can tweezers eyelash curler, but to act in this case very carefully.

Step 7:

Remove the false eyelashes may be just pulling the outer edge, or inflicting on the eyelids a little cream or makeup remover. Having a little time the glue to ensure that it is softened, it is necessary to pull the bundles of cilia outside edge.

Step 8:

After use, the cilia should be rinsed with water (you can with soap and water), a pair of tweezers to remove the remnants of glue and put it in its case. False eyelashes - in themselves decoration, so do not apply too bright make-up and abuse ink, otherwise the image will be too theatrical.

Step 9:

Not too attractive eyelashes will look at women with very large features. Cilia visually increase them even more and give an unnatural appearance. To visually expand a person, you can attach a long eyelashes only outer corners of eyes.