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How to use hair wax

Probably, in the light of a few women who would never have to style your hair. Most of the ladies decide on a daily basis, how to make hair shiny and well-groomed appearance. One of the means for laying a wax hair.

How to use hair wax

Instruction how to use hair wax

Step 1:

Wax, as well as any styling products, there is a different degree of fixation. Generally, the higher the number indicated on the packaging, the stronger fixing properties. Also wax consistency is different: there is gentle enough liquid wax for easy fixation is solid. Choose the one that's right for your hair and hairstyles that you want to create.

Step 2:

Wax all of placing means is the strongest. Therefore, it is usually necessary to take quite a bit, so as not to weigh down the hair, not to give them a fat greasy appearance. Take a little wax, rub the hands and apply to hair.

Step 3:

If you want to straighten your curly hair, then spread the wax over the entire length with a comb and blow dry. In this case, apply a little wax to damp hair. If you, on the contrary, want to create a steep curls, you also apply the wax on the hair and place them with the tongs. Curls will continue throughout the day.

Step 4:

For best results, dry clean hair, apply a wax and then screwed into the forceps. You can also use curlers, fixing locks hairdryer. Please use the hot air, and then the cold, it is better to fix the hair and will not damage your hair.

Step 5:

Wax is ideal to isolate individual strands. Just gently rub a small amount (a little more than a pinhead) wax between your fingers and model the strands, separating their hands.

Step 6:

Also, it is well suited for a more accurate type of hair tips, especially if the ends are cut. When hairstyle quite ready, fasten the ends of the hair lubricated finger into the wax and allow to dry.

Step 7:

The use of wax in the fact that it has a protective function. Its dense structure will keep the hair from the effects of the environment and dust. Also in its composition has the nutrients that benefit the hair. If you take too much wax, your hair will look greasy and dirty.