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How to visually enlarge the eyes

Large, expressive eyes - a real decoration of a woman's face. But those who by birth is not endowed with this gift of nature, it is not necessary to grieve - they will come to the aid of cosmetics. Mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner to visually enhance your eyes and give them a special appeal.

How to visually enlarge the eyes

You will need:

- base for the shadows; - Shades of three colors; - Powder eyeliner or pencil; - mascara.

Instruction how to visually enlarge the eyes

Step 1:

Carefully prepare the skin around the eyes. Wipe it with a soft tonic without alcohol, put on the upper eyelids special database. In the shade it will lay flatter and make-up will continue for longer.

Step 2:

Too low wide eyebrows visually reduce the eye and do look hard and heavy. Carefully remove excess hair and give the eyebrows a nice shape. If you doubt that you can do it yourself, please refer to the master in the cabin. The whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. Fortnightly plucked eyebrows requires correction - do not forget about it.

Step 3:

Take care of the skin under the eyes - it must be perfectly smooth. Apply concealer, camouflage dark circles and puffiness hiding. Skin powder crumbly powder neutral shades.

Step 4:

Choose a shade in the same scheme. suitable smoky-gray or beige and brown shades for everyday makeup. You will need two to three harmonizing colors. Pick a soft pencil or Powder Eyeliner and mascara in black, dark brown or dark gray color.

Step 5:

Under eyebrow swipe light pink pencil line. Clear up the area around the nose and fingers gently blend the border. On the upper lid, place a thin layer of bright shades - cream, pale beige or pearl white. Choose shade satin texture - with their eyes will look bigger.

Step 6:

Outside Area century darken shadows ecru or smoky shades. Use a soft brush made of natural or synthetic cloth. Foam applicator applies too sharp strokes, and to increase the critical eye soft color transitions.

Step 7:

Dial on sloping hard brush a little dark gray or brown shades. Draw a line on the upper eyelid, from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. The same liner Apply for lower eyelid, carefully Draw the outer corner and blend the line so that it was not too sharp.

Step 8:

Instead shadows can use a soft pencil or felt-Powder eyeliner with sponge. Do not let the mucous eye - this will reduce their size. Choose the eyeliner dark gray or brown, black looks too rough and old. Do not pull the arrow to the temples and do not make them too thick. The more accurate and finer line, the bigger the eye looks.

Step 9:

Carefully paint the top and bottom eyelashes lengthening mascara. When applying mascara, gently press down eyelashes, bending them up - it will make the eyes look more open and increase the eye. For added effect, you can take advantage of special curlers.