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How to visually reduce the face

With a properly sized make-up can not only emphasize the dignity of the person, but also to change its proportions. Stock up on different shades of powder, rouge, and natural colors brown and beige shades and a set of high-quality brushes. Taking all this arsenal, you can visually reduce a person's nose and shortened to get rid of double chin.

How to visually reduce the face

You will need:

- moisturizing cream; - tone; - Powders of different colors; - Shade; - mascara; - Eyeliner eyelids; - Colored pigments; - Latex sponges; - Puff; - Brushes of different sizes.

Instruction how to visually reduce the face

Step 1:

Select the tonal resources, suitable for sculpting. Instead of cream is better to use powder texture - powder, eye shadow, blush or loose pigments. You will need good soft brushes of various sizes and latex sponges.

Step 2:

Prepare your face. Apply a moisturizer - with make-up it will lie flatter and color borders will be less noticeable. Wait 5-7 minutes and cover the skin with a thin layer of neutral color tones. Face powder and whisk excess fan-shaped brush.

Step 3:

Proceed to sculpting. To face seemed visually less need to darken its contours. Enter the flat brush of medium size a little dark beige or grayish-brown pigment or tan powder. Draw a line along the roots of the hair and sideburns. Blend border colors fluffy soft brush.

Step 4:

Remove double chin and give the lower jaw more graceful shape. Carefully draw around her brush with the dark powder. Zaprokinte head and draw a triangle on the chin, widening to the cheeks. Carefully blend it with a brush or a latex sponge. Evaluate the result of a magnifying mirror and repeat the procedure if necessary.

Step 5:

To shorten the nose, draw on his back with a fine brush with beige-gray pigment. Select the dimple in his chin, causing her a little dark powder with using a sponge or fingers. Enter the round brush tan powder. Circular motion and apply it on the cheeks, visually removing their volume. Make bar under the cheekbone and complete his chin. This will make the face elongated and make it thinner.

Step 6:

Dip a sponge into the powder of light beige or cream color. Shake off the excess and cover the skin with a thin layer means. This will align the color border and make the transitions imperceptible, even with close contact.

Step 7:

Accentuate the eyebrows and eyes. Put lids on a thin layer of beige shadow, while the outer corners darken brown tone. Along the lash line, apply eyeliner and thick lashes nakraste. Carefully decorated eyes will attract the attention and visually reduce the face.

Step 8:

If you need a "small head", change your hairstyle. Highly brushed off his forehead and temples, the hair, the face, and thick bangs and drooping strands at the temples - is reduced. It is advisable to avoid lush curls, curls small and too light shades of hair. Straight shiny strands of dark tones, partially hiding the face, make it small and elegant.