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How to wash away the old paint from the hair

Sometimes when hair coloring turns out not quite the color of hair, which was expected. In this case, trying to get rid of the failed re-color hair painting, we are attacking again on the same rake. Some women just want to change the image, and the old hair color does not fit into the new image. Create it yourself or with the help of professionals.

How to wash away the old paint from the hair

You will need:

- destained remover; - Vegetable oil (burdock, almond, olive, flax); - Shampoo; - Chamomile broth or water acidulated with lemon.

Instruction how to wash away the old paint from the hair

Step 1:

If there is an opportunity to remove old paint, visit the beauty salon. Wizards do it with the help of a professional bleaching wash. In its application the hair color will change to 4 tones. The result is a stable red shade that can not hold its color. To continue discoloration, make the effluent into the cabin again.

Step 2:

This procedure is performed not earlier than two weeks after the last wash. If you do it before, you can cause irreparable harm to the hair. Once the desired color is reached, pass a rehabilitation course with special medical creams and hair masks.

Step 3:

If you can not visit the salon, then select the most harmless, but effectively a wash to restore hair color at home. Use no bleach and acid remover that does not contain ammonia.

Step 4:

It will effectively clean the hair from paint soak rather than apply the new dye layers. After her removal to treat hair to give them a natural shine. It is believed that it is less harmful for the hair.

Step 5:

In addition, you can use natural washes the paint absorbers. They are not as effective, but completely harmless and predictable. Take burdock, almond, olive or linseed oil before washing the head and rub it into the hair. This hair mask does not wash off for three hours.

Step 6:

After a time a few times wash your hair with shampoo and rinse decoction of chamomile or water acidulated with lemon. Rinsing chamomile broth will to some extent lightening effect. Use this method when you want to lighten your hair on one tone. After each procedure thoroughly rinse hair with clean water.