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How to wash hair dye from skin

Many women are accustomed to paint hair at home. Therefore, they know the situation, when an urgent need to clean the skin from dark spots. Traces of paint are often on the forehead, ears and neck, and sometimes on the hands. Of course, it is advisable to lubricate the hair coloring these zones with a special cream. But sometimes it does not help. How to wash hair dye from the skin?

How to wash hair dye from skin

Instruction how to wash hair dye from skin

Step 1:

If after dyeing had dark marks on the skin, take a cotton swab and moisten it with soapy water. Then carefully rub the swab from all traces of paint. For the same purpose, provided that the ink does not penetrate into the deeper skin layers, and any suitable or scrub shampoo.

Step 2:

If you are too late noticed the skin traces of paint or soap and scrub pad did not help, try a similar procedure again. Only instead of soap use alcohol, vodka or other alcohol-containing solutions (cologne, lotion for skin care).

Step 3:

There are special tools, which are used for cleaning the skin from traces of chemical hair dyes: Igora Color Remover, Dikson Remover, UTOPIK CLEANER and Hair Light Remover. They are perfect, but quite expensive.

Step 4:

Many more cheap vehicle used for similar purposes. This is the "Lock". Its main purpose - the chemical waving of hair. "Lock" has a sharp odor. But after its application also disappear traces of paint. Frequent hair coloring, it is desirable to stock up on these inexpensive means.

Step 5:

Likewise, hydrogen peroxide can be used, for removal of liquid, and even nail acetone. You can not use them often. They can harm your skin.

Step 6:

There are so many resources, harmless to skin. They are always in the house. Clean traces of the paint with a cotton pad soaked in warm oil. You can take a slice of lemon and rub them dark spots. Citric acid has the same effect.

Step 7:

Gentle remedy - toothpaste. In toothpastes include cleaning agents. Therefore, it is also possible to remove paint residues. In addition, it does not irritate the skin.

Step 8:

If you urgently need to wash, then apply the peeling. Apply the acid composition to the skin to swell, and then rub it gently. Otherwise, you can cause skin irritation. Superficial peels can be done directly on the whole face. This procedure quickly restores the skin. It becomes a fresh and makes smooth and beautiful color.