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How to wear curlers

Beautiful curls - the basis for many hairstyles - from romantic to negligent and strict evening. To obtain flat curls and held out as long as possible, it is important to choose the right size of the curlers and carefully wind the hair on them.

How to wear curlers

You will need:

- mousse or spray styling; - Curlers of various sizes; - hair spray; - comb; - Hair dryer.

Instruction how to wear curlers

Step 1:

Decide what kind of hairstyle you are interested in. To give your hair volume, hair curlers take a large Velcro. To create waves need a medium-sized curlers. Curls helix require small bobbins. And if you are interested in large curls, try a novelty - the long and soft plastic curlers.

Step 2:

Before winding rollers wash your hair - hair stale bad fix the curl. The strands may be left a little wet - pat them with a soft towel and smooth comb with a few teeth.

Step 3:

Separate a narrow strand, put on her mousse for styling or fixing spray. Do not take too much money, otherwise the hair stick together and become too heavy. Gently twist the curler from the end of the strand and to the hair roots. Make sure the lock of hair lay evenly, and the hair is not stretched too much. Bringing curled curl to the hair roots, gently push rollers to cover fixed the lock. Make sure that the structure is kept steady.

Step 4:

Long bobbins used otherwise. To curl went perfectly smoothly, a thin strand of hair pretreated mousse, need to be laid evenly navivaya spiral. When finished, carefully fasten construction of a rubber band. Make sure that it does not pinch the strand, otherwise dried hair formed an ugly room.

Step 5:

Having laid all the locks, proceed to drying. Ideal - Hair drying at room temperature, without appliances. However, this option is not available to all. For example, very long or thick hair may remain wet and a few hours after installation. Treat them with hairdryer, and in the end be sure to secure the hairstyle of cold air.

Step 6:

If you wish to spend time for drying and do not want to spoil your hair with hot hair dryer, try the popular novelty - curlers in the form of long tubes made of soft plastic. For proper hair fixing in the set is provided borehole, through which the strand is passed through the tube and securely. In such curlers can sleep without fear of breaking or losing them. In the morning, carefully remove the tubes from the hair and beat the curls with your fingers. Spray the curls moderate nail fixation - and romantic hairstyle is ready.