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How to weave a French braid

Spike, or as it is called, "French braid" and "fish tail" - a great option if you do not have time to wash my hair or come up with a hairstyle. Read the detailed instruction, you will learn how to weave a braid themselves.

How to weave a French braid

Instruction how to weave braids French

Step 1:

From the first time you probably will not work, as in the whole experience is necessary, but over time, tried a few times, you'll be quickly and accurately imagine weave these braids. French braids look better on thin hair, because the beauty of braids is that the hair close to the head and did not stand out much their volume, but there are a few secrets that will teach you to make your fine hair more lush in the French braid.

Step 2:

If your hair is very thin, before you begin to braid pigtails, make bouffant hair roots - this will give the amount. After you to comb your hair, comb massage progladte them, so they did not look shaggy.

Step 3:

We proceed directly to the very weaving: Start braiding must always wring (from the top). Divide the hair at the crown into 3 equal parts. If you want a thicker braid, take more hair from the crown.

Step 4:

Then weave these 3 parts in ordinary scythe. As usual: a strand of intertwined right from the middle, then left.

Step 5:

After you 1 time propleli strands start to grab the hair from the bottom. Take a small section of the thumb and overtighten it to the part of the hair, which the parties took the hair. At this time, with his free hand, hold the base of the spit.

Step 6:

Start twisting a strand of which have turned, with an average strand of bases.

Step 7:

Repeat the same steps as in the previous paragraph, but on the other side of the head.

Step 8:

Gradually, large or bind to the substrate strand. Do this until the end of the hair.

Step 9:

So you end up dopleli now can choose - to tie the hair and leave the tail or braid doplesti usual.

Step 10:

Secure the braid band. It is also possible to attach a braid decoration.