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How to whiten elbows

The skin of the elbows may become rough and darkened due to the habit of constantly to lean on them. Due to the elbows on the table rubbing the skin may crack. Rough skin on elbows and could be due to a lack of vitamins A and E, and the dark spots can indicate a disease of the endocrine system.

How to whiten elbows

Instruction how to whiten elbows

Step 1:

Lighten elbow is possible by means of a lemon. Apply lemon slices to the elbows for 10 minutes. This procedure will soften the skin, whiten and eliminate dryness. Wash the skin and apply a moisturizing cream. You can wipe the skin on the elbows lemon during the day several times.

Step 2:

Flaxseed oil can help skin become soft and velvety. Apply cotton pads soaked in oil for half an hour to the elbows. Wrap with plastic wrap, bandage or cloth.

Step 3:

Use a bath of liquid ammonia. Pour into a container approximately one liter of warm water, add the teaspoon of liquid ammonia and liquid soap. Support your elbows for 10 minutes. Doing a procedure on a regular basis once a week, you will achieve a soft, clean skin.

Step 4:

Spend exfoliation using ground coffee. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of sour cream, coffee grounds and honey. Circular movements, apply the mixture on your elbows. Rinse with water. The skin becomes soft, clean through several procedures.

Step 5:

Whisk the egg yolks, add the two tablespoons of honey and oatmeal. Apply on the skin for 10 minutes. Better to do this mask before taking a shower.

Step 6:

Wipe the skin with a pumice stone or rough scrub while taking a bath. As scrub cream can be used with salt. After the bath elbow grease fat cream.

Step 7:

Good softens and whitens the skin rough cider vinegar. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of vegetable oil and cider vinegar, dilute it a little salt. Apply a mixture of elbows. Leave to dry completely. Then, wipe with a damp cloth.

Step 8:

Eliminates elbows from peeling packs of vegetable oils. Use olive oil, flaxseed, sunflower oil. Leave compress at night. You can prepare a mixture of avocado oil with essential oils of mandarin and sandalwood.

Step 9:

Place your elbows on the 15 - 20 minutes in a warm potato broth. The solution is well soften rough skin cubits.

Step 10:

Apply the mask of boiled potatoes with honey for 20 minutes. This mask helps to soften the skin, exfoliate dead cells and nourishing vitamins and minerals tissue.

Step 11:

Take care of your elbows on a regular basis, do not lean on them for a long time, and they will become light and soft.