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How to whiten the skin in the armpits

Tanned skin in the armpits - the result of increased pigmentation. The reasons for this phenomenon, there are many - from non-compliance with the rules of hygiene to the reaction to deodorant. Whiten the skin in the armpits, you can use folk remedies, as well as the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology.

How to whiten the skin in the armpits

Instruction how to whiten the skin in the armpits

Step 1:

First of all, identify the cause of increased pigmentation. Perhaps it is due to improper use of antiperspirants, improper care, fungal disease, or any other adverse factors. Try to eliminate them, otherwise whitening is in vain.

Step 2:

Pick a good cosmetic products that are ideally suited to you. They should not cause even the slightest discomfort.

Step 3:

Whiten the skin in the armpits helps regular proper care of it - exfoliation with special scrubs and peels. Avoid the use of aggressive and cosmetic procedures. For example, the deodorant can irritate the skin much more than sweat.

Step 4:

Use cosmetics, which is composed of components with the effect of whitening. For example, cucumber extract, or white clay.

Step 5:

Take advantage of special bleaching agents for the armpits, which are sold in pharmacies. For example, a cream with uv-protection "Ahromin". It should be used regularly, avoiding interruptions.

Step 6:

Add the cream of the children one or two drops of essential oil of lemon and apply it regularly on the skin in the armpits. It is also possible to prepare a lotion, an essential oil having dissolved in a small amount of water.

Step 7:

Among the folk remedies, there is another very effective - the hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of water. The resulting composition is necessary to moisten a cotton pad and further its lather.

Step 8:

Wipe gently with a region of increased pigmentation of the few times in half an hour. Then wash skin well with cool water and apply baby cream. To resort to the procedure followed by one or two times a week.

Step 9:

To whiten the skin in the armpits, first is to consult with a specialist. Consult a dermatologist for advice. He will give you a number of recommendations and advise, what means the most suitable.