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How to wind the hair on the studs

Depending on personal preference, you can wind the hair, using a variety of ways. For example, you can become the owner of a beautiful and very unusual curls if your hair curl using conventional hairpin.

How to wind the hair on the studs

You will need:

- studs - invisible - hair iron hair straightening

Instruction how to wind the hair on the studs

Step 1:

To protect the hair from harmful effects of high temperatures, before starting the procedure, treat the hair in any protective agent. For example, it may be a protective conditioner or styling with heat-resistant properties. Next, you need to wait until the hair is only slightly damp or completely dry.

Step 2:

Gently stretch the ends of the studs to the sides, then slide the thin strand through it and pull it as close to the hair roots. Wrap the hair around the curls hairpins in the form of eight - alternate envelope the one end, then the second. In the last turns of the strand tighten more tightly to the pin back to its original appearance.

Step 3:

Kill the strand at a distance of 2.5-3 cm from the end, then secure the invisible hair so that it is located along the middle of the hairpin "eights", and its ends are on the opposite side from the ends of the studs.

Step 4:

According to this principle all screw the hair, not forgetting to make sure that the hair ends are not beaten since then styling will look sloppy. If you - the owner of fluffy hair, you should moisturize your hair, twist the strands in the form of weak harnesses, and only then they cheat. But in that case is to use a hair iron only after the hair is completely dry.

Step 5:

When all the hair will nakrucheny, take utyuzhok and alternately press down on them every twisted pin lock for 2 seconds. If you want to have more resistant curls - you can keep the hair up to 5 seconds. Shoot with invisible hair pins with only necessary after the hair is completely cool.

Step 6:

In order not to destroy the structure of curls - do not comb the hair, and just gently separate the strands of his hands. If you want to give your hair volume - can gently comb some of the lower strand. Then tighten the part of the hair in the temples in the form of small rollers and secure them using pins. At the request can also supplement this voluminous hair flower.