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How to withdraw acne

The appearance of acne due to hormonal changes. However, they are not at all cause skin problems. From this it follows that there are several causes of acne. Therefore, the elimination of them should be integrated and consistent. It is important to take into account the power and the restoration of the interior of the body, and proper skin care.

How to withdraw acne

You will need:

- Calendula tincture, tea tree oil; - Infusion of sage, chamomile or mint; - Fresh aloe juice; - 5-10% sintomitsinovaja emulsion; - Powder streptocid; - Elecampane root, burdock, herb St. John's wort, walnut leaf; - Vitamins.

Instruction how to get acne

Step 1:

For a full treatment of acne is better to combine the use of external and internal resources. A good result gives stimulation therapy - blood transfusions, antibiotics, drugs aloe hormones. However, their use can only be prescribed by a doctor. Independently use the funds for disinfection of the skin and reduce inflammation. And besides watch the food and look after the person correctly.

Step 2:

When the skin propensity to the formation of acne follow a specific diet. Avoid greasy, spicy, smoked foods, as well as sugar, confectionery and bakery products. Limit eggs, honey. But be sure to include in the diet of dairy products, raw and steamed vegetables and greens, fruits, dried fruits, berries, nuts, pumpkin seeds. Drink plenty of healthy drinks such as green tea, juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, a decoction of mint.

Step 3:

To soften acne plugs 1 time per week do the bath for the face. As a source of steam, use hot broth calendula, or add to the water 1-2 drops of tea tree oil. These plants have a bactericidal effect. Instead, the pair can do lotions of warm infusion of sage, chamomile, mint.

Step 4:

After steaming the skin pores do cleansing. Wrap forefingers with a sterile bandage and squeeze those tubes, which are located close to the surface. Do not touch immature and red spots. Exerting pressure on them may further extend acne. After cleaning, wipe the face of fresh aloe juice.

Step 5:

In purulent acne morning and evening apply 5-10% sintomitsinovoy emulsion. Apply a small amount of it on the problem areas, cover with a cloth and leave for a few minutes. Ripe purulent acne unpack, deal with 3% hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle streptotsidom.

Step 6:

In caring for a person, do not use oily cosmetics. After each washing procedure, or any water dries the skin powder streptotsida. He fights well with staphylococcus, which causes inflammation of colonization on the skin.

Step 7:

To eliminate traces of acne do lotions of raw potatoes or decoction of chamomile. They may also be used to eliminate inflammation on the face. For this purpose suitable paraffin, but with the proviso that the face is not there festering sores.

Step 8:

To treat acne from the inside drink a decoction of the herb mixture. Take equal amount of burdock root, walnut leaf, herb St. John's wort and elecampane root. Boil 3 tbsp 600 ml of boiling water the resulting mixture. Take 200 ml 3 times per day.

Step 9:

Since the rise of acne contributes to reduced immunity - to take various measures to strengthen it. Namely temper the water, take a moderate sunbathing, playing sports, 2 times a year spent on drink vitamins, eat right, get enough sleep and avoid stress.