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How to wrap at home

Flabby, lost tone skin, pronounced cellulite is the bane of all beautiful ladies. But these problems can be overcome, is wanted, and help in the anti-cellulite body wraps.

How to wrap at home

The procedure of anti-cellulite body wraps can be carried out both in the salon and at home. Self-holding of such a package of measures will not effect less than a professional wrapping. But the money you can save enough.

To carry out anti-cellulite body wrap at home, you will need:

- scrub;

- mixture for wrapping;

- Food captivity;

- moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream.

Now each point in more detail. So scrub. When buying, it is desirable to choose the product with larger particles, of course, if you do not have very sensitive skin on problem areas. The scrub composition may include particles of coffee, salt, sugar, etc. Prepare the skin and can be improvised means, for example, using the crushed grains of natural coffee.

The mixture may be procedures for both industrial and household production. Because of budgetary funds, which can be purchased in a store or pharmacy is worth noting gel mask "Ice wrap" from producer Floresan (produces a cooling effect). And anti-cellulite massage "Sauna, massage, sauna" from the company Vitex. This means, on the other hand, it heats and even called cream, perfect for the home body wraps.

Independently you can make a mixture of clay, honey, chocolate and essential oils. The main thing before to prepare the composition, look at whether you have an allergy to one of the components.

With cling film's simple, sold in any hardware store. The only advice, buy it wider and more tightly.

And last, the means for moisturizing the skin. It is, of course, can not be applied after the procedure, the skin but it does not hurt.

When you have everything you need in there, you can start the procedure. To do this go to the shower, scrub carefully treat problem areas, which will continue to be applied wrap. It is desirable that the skin is slightly reddened. Then rinse off the scrub, wipe dry with a towel. Apply on areas prone to cellulite, the selected mixture. Top roll up film, wear home clothes. To effect the procedure had better lie down on the time of its implementation under a warm blanket. Duration wraps will directly depend on the selected mixture. When time runs out, carefully unwind the film, wash the skin with water, wipe and apply the cream.

Anti-cellulite body wraps are carried out in the course of 10-15 procedures that are done in a day or 2 times in 7 days (again, depends on the mixture). After breaching the complete cycle of procedures you will notice a significant improvement in skin appearance. wraps recommended once a week to maintain the effect.

In general, the procedure is very effective home wraps for skin, but before its implementation consult a doctor, as there are a number of contraindications.