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Ideal buttocks at home

Beautiful buttocks - the dream of every woman. But, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of firm and taut booty. Cellulite, irregularities, lack of muscle tone - that is the main problem. However, you can cope with this in the short term and in the home. The secret of success lies in the regularity and integrated approach.

Ideal buttocks at home

You will need:

Red pepper Sea salt Ground coffee Honey Vodka Food film

Instruction ideal buttocks at home

Step 1:

First revise your diet. At the time of discard of fatty foods. But most importantly - eat at least salt. It bumps on the buttocks is nothing but a superfluous liquid. A salt does not allow her to leave.

Step 2:

But a proper diet not solve the problem. Here come to the aid of anti-cellulite body wraps. You can sign up for such a procedure in the beauty salon, but you can significantly save money and spend it at home. The main task of wrapping - the creation of a sauna effect. Very effective pepper packs. To do this, take 2 teaspoons of red hot pepper, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, dilute mixture of vodka. If you add water, it will burn more. The basis for the procedure is ready, but you can make the mixture more efficiently. Add cocoa, cinnamon, natural oils. Ideal citrus essential oil. Apply the mixture on the problem areas and tightly wrap with cling film, and on top - a warm blanket or towel. Hold the mask for about 30 minutes and rinse with warm water, then apply a cooling or soothing cream. Wraps with peppers are very effective, but not so pleasant: they are very warm up the skin and stimulates the circulation. Therefore, use them with caution. If you can not stand the required 30 minutes, no big deal. For tangible results need to undertake a course of 10 treatments every other day. As a result, irregularities are smoothed, cellulite is reduced, and the volume is melting before our eyes.

Step 3:

If you have such a procedure is too "hard", make wraps with chocolate, ground coffee, cocoa, honey or any anti-cellulite cream. The main thing - to create a sauna effect with food film.

Step 4:

One more step towards the perfect buttocks - massage, which can also be done at home. One of the most effective anti-cellulite treatments considered honey massage. It requires a small amount of liquid honey. If, however, the honey or sugar is too thick, melt it in a water bath or in a microwave oven. Grease the palm honey, and then apply them to problem areas, like pasting, and tear off sharply. Continue massage until a light redness of the skin, and then wrap cling film. After about an hour, rinse with warm water. Also very effective vacuum massage. Today, such a procedure is very popular in beauty salons. In order to do this at home, you will need a special device. Pharmacies selling "miracle of the bank" - it is something you and will help. It looks this "device" as an ordinary glass jar that used to put in the cold, but it is made of latex. It should be quite inexpensive. This massage helps to perfect "break" the fat deposits and tighten the loop. However, this procedure is contraindicated in varicose veins.

Step 5:

Get great results you will also help scrubs. Ideal targets for these natural ingredients such as ground coffee, sugar, or sea salt. Take a small amount of scrub and carefully massage the thighs and buttocks, and then rinse with warm water. This procedure is most effectively carried out before a massage or body wrap.

Step 6:

And of course get tightened ass impossible without exercise. There are specific exercises that will help lead the buttock muscles in tone.

Ideal buttocks at home

Step 7:

Try to stick to proper nutrition, reduce the amount of salt consumed, do massages, scrubs and wraps in a day and do not forget about exercise. Carrying out these simple recommendations, in a month you will achieve visible results, and your buttocks will become toned and attractive.