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How To Restore Brittle Hair

How to restore brittle hair

Recovery takes months brittle hair, while the damage can be just a few minutes as a result of dyeing or styling. Unhealthy hair seemed to stop their growth, although in reality it is not so, they simply break off at the tip, and because of that do not increase in length. Return curls health can be…

How To Make Eyelashes Thicker

How to make eyelashes thicker

Thick eyelashes - the object of desire of many women. Languid eyes framed by fluffy eyelashes to chant the ancient times poets and writers. But not everyone is given the wealth of nature. The rest have to look for different ways to make eyelashes thicker.

You will need:

- olive oil and apricot kernel oil, vitamin A…

As The Shear Bean

As the shear bean

Haircut "Bob" invented by the French hairdresser Antoine de Paris more than 100 years ago, in 1909. He very much loved Joan of Arc, and after her came up with this short boyish haircut. This hairstyle, which varies depending on the style and mood of the bearer of the bean.

You will need:

Scissors, water, combs, thinning shears,…

How To Make The Perfect Manicure

How to make the perfect manicure

Perfectly manicured nails polished to a shine or varnished, will give grace hand, and in all manner of - the completeness and harmony. A good manicure can be done in the salon, but it did not turn out worse than at home. Buy quality tools, care products and be patient. The reward you will be…

As The Nail Glue

As the nail glue

The nail salon is not only going to make the build or refine your nails. It happens that the customer wants to put them in order after breakdown. Therefore, any master must be able to properly seal the broken nail.

You will need:

- antiseptics; - Gel or acrylic; - Ultraviolet lamp; - Silk or fajberglass; - Sawing;…

How To Get Rid Nesuhoy Mazoli

How to get rid nesuhoy mazoli

Wet or blisters appear in the case, if a person rubs his feet uncomfortable shoes or actively working in any tool, rubbing the palm or fingers. Subcutaneous tissue is damaged, the liquid is formed, often with the addition of blood, there is painful swelling. It needs to be treated promptly, otherwise the bubble will become…

Why Nails Peel

Why nails peel

Every woman dreams of having a beautiful and healthy nails. But because of the many different annoying and harmful factors, they are subject to the foliation and start peeling. To understand why this happens, you need to understand that having a detrimental effect on the nails and spoil their appearance.

The most important reason, which contributes to the…

How Screwed Big Curls

How screwed big curls

Whatever may be the subject to fluctuations in fashion, romantic feminine curls are always popular. They look equally good in the form of promiscuity and evening hairstyle, suitable to almost any clothing and style. Yet curls - this is more of an attribute festive attire, hairstyle, meant for special occasions.

You will need:

- curlers or curling hair…

How To Make A Male Laying

How to make a male laying

Fashion - lady windy and constantly changeable, touch her quirks and men's hairstyles. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to style hair for men today is changing along with it.

Instruction how to make a male laying

Step 1:

For example, even some 30 years ago, the last "all the rage" had long hair…

The Right Type Of Make-Up On Face

The right type of make-up on face

Independently perform a makeover under the force of many, however, know how to do it right, not all. Choose makeup is not enough, you need to know the technique of applying the powder, creams and lipsticks allowing for the type of person.

To narrow the type of person is characterized by a sharp chin…

How To Get Rid Of The Mustache

How to get rid of the mustache

What is good for a man, it is intolerable for women. This truth of the fair sex constantly learn for yourself, making hair removal, constantly struggling for hair, exhausted dyeing and styling, dieting and struggling with vegetation on the upper lip. Yes, the vegetation is often not dare to call a mustache. But, no…

How To Apply Self-Tanning So As Not To Become A Leopard

How to apply self-tanning so as not to become a leopard

Beautiful tanned skin can be done at home, for it is not necessary to travel to the south of the country. But to get a natural tan by using cosmetics is not always possible, the reasons for this are usually not performed correctly, applying or contraindications physician procedure. To your…

How To Make Daily

How to make daily

What is everyday makeup? This is primarily waste clearly actions which could not take more than 20 minutes. After all, not every one of us will be able to stand up at five o'clock in the morning to efficiently pick and placement of eye shadow, blush and lipstick color. Day make-up woman should do automatically, knowing that…

How To Make A Doll Makeup

How to make a doll makeup

Since childhood playing dolls, every girl wanted to be as beautiful as they are. Girls grow up, and the desire to look like a doll, does not pass. Closer to his childhood dream possible, by making a special makeup.

You will need:

- Foundation; - Powder; - Blush; - mascara; - Lipstick; - lip gloss; -…

How Not To Lose The Youth

How not to lose the youth

Women dream to stay beautiful for many decades. But sooner or later the young leaves and replace it come to wrinkle. In order not to lose the fast young and stay in shape for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to certain standards, which will help the body to resist the aging process.…

How To Make Your Own Hands Beautician

How to make your own hands beautician

Beautician - it is not just a cute female thing, it is a piece of the owner. Along with the bag and the shoes, cosmetic bag is an essential accessory and a part of the image. A cosmetic bag, hand made, unique and original, will be able not just to please his mistress. The…

How To Apply The Pattern On Your Nails

How to apply the pattern on your nails

Professional nail care is worth a lot. Today, popular design with an unusual manicure nail decoration. In beauty salons can offer you designs, drawings and designs, inlay sequins and other decorative elements. But to make this possible and original manicure at home.

Instruction how to apply the pattern on your nails

Step 1:


How To Lighten Hair Were White

How to lighten hair were white

Woman with white hair looks very extravagant. This girl is hard to miss. But before deciding on such a drastic change in their appearance, you need to think twice. Besides using normal (even high-quality clarifier) ​​make the hair not just white.

You will need:

- hydrogen peroxide; - Ammonia; - liquid soap; - latex gloves; -…

How To Cure Hair From Section

How to cure hair from section

Beautiful healthy hair, shimmering in the sun - the pride of any girl. To the surrounding gifts to you admiring glances, it is necessary to maintain the good condition of their hair. The cold air, strong wind or the sun can contribute to the fact that the tips of the hair will start to split.…

Without Any Makeup Not Do At Work

Without any makeup not do at work

Even if you are using very high quality cosmetics, during the working day may be times when you have to correct makeup. This is especially true in the summer, because even in the strongest heat should be able to maintain the freshness and appeal throughout the day.

During the day, you will most likely…

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