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Feminine Beauty: Friend Or Foe

Feminine beauty: Friend or Foe

Beautiful women ... They are simpler than women who are less attractive? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance. Most likely, it is possible to respond as positively or negatively to this question.

It is undeniable that pretty women have certain advantages compared with women, who are considered…

How To Insert The Lens In The Eye

How to insert the lens in the eye

Lenses help to hide poor eyesight. But unlike glasses, which can be put on in just a few seconds, with lenses everything is more complicated. To look beautiful, and need a little patience.

Instruction inserting the lens in the eye

Step 1:

Go to the reception to the eye doctor, if you've worn glasses.…

How To Use Hair Curlers, Boomerangs

How to use hair curlers, boomerangs

Curler, boomerangs attracted attention with its unusual appearance: colored soft sticks of various lengths and diameters. They allow you to get as small curls and big curls. Boomerangs advantage is that you can sleep with them, not afraid to get hurt in the morning in the neck and the hair breaks.

You will need:

- foam…

How To Put Fashionable Hairstyle

How to put fashionable hairstyle

Woman with beautiful and fashionable styled hair always attracts attention, regardless of whether it has short hair or long, curly or straight. And most importantly, make a fashionable styling you can own.

You will need:

- towels - hair dryer - mousse, foam, gel, spray styling - curlers - hairbrush

Instruction how to put fashionable hairstyle

Step 1:…

How To Change The Facial Features

How to change the facial features

The face of each person is unique. And each has an individual combination of its own features: prominent cheekbones, a broad forehead, pointed chin, full lips, a hooked nose and round "cheek-apples." There are certain, simple rules to correct various facial features that will help every woman closer to perfection.

Instruction how to change…

Chocolate Scrub

Chocolate scrub

Chocolate - this is not only a lot of favorite treat, but also a terrific tool for skin care. The fair sex are using it for cooking various home scrubs - they deeply cleanse the skin, moisturize and soften it. Moreover, chocolate has a tonic and rejuvenating effect.

For the preparation of the universal scrub suitable for all skin…

How To Get Rid Of Sweating And Odor

How to get rid of sweating and odor

In summer, air transport, or in the room often gives the impression that many people around completely forgotten about the morning shower and deodorants. Unpleasant smell "poisons" the life of everyone around. How to get rid of the smell of sweat?

Instruction how to get rid of sweating and odor

Step 1:

The man…

How To Achieve Beautiful Skin

How to achieve beautiful skin

Beautiful, smooth, clear skin attracts attention and serves as an indicator of health. If a woman believes that the condition of a person perfectly, it feels much more confident. In order to achieve perfect skin, you need to constantly take care of it and do it right.

Instruction how to achieve beautiful skin

Step 1:

Do not…

How Do Bangs On Long Hair

How do bangs on long hair

Well-groomed long hair - a legitimate source of pride to their owner. Furthermore, such hair is hair themselves. But sometimes you want something new and unusual. At the same time to go to any drastic measures housewife long hair is not necessary. The best solution in this situation - to cut bangs. Well selected fringe…

How To Visually Reduce The Cheeks

How to visually reduce the cheeks

People with the ideal form of an oval face can be seen infrequently. Although pronounced disadvantages - a rare phenomenon. Basically, there are only in the form of small flaws that can be corrected, armed with an arsenal of modern cosmetics. By completely correctable errors are and round, full cheeks, which often complain about young…

Kefir In The Struggle For Beauty And Health

Kefir in the struggle for beauty and health

Kefir is used by modern women, not only as a food product and menu-based mono-diet. It is used as a mask for the face and hands. In addition, yogurt is good for strengthening hair.

Kefir - a source of easily digestible calcium, protein and natural vitamin D. The fermented milk product quickly normalizes…

Pumpkin For Skin Beauty

Pumpkin for skin beauty

Pumpkin is not only a symbol of autumn and diet, rich in fiber vegetables, but also a product that is widely used for making household masks. They help to cope with the irritation and peeling of the skin and tighten it and intensely nourish.

For dry skin, ideal for nourishing mask. To prepare it, cook in the…

Bags Under The Eyes: How To Eliminate The Lack Of

Bags under the eyes: how to eliminate the lack of

Bags under the eyes - an issue of concern to many people. The reason for their formation is the peculiar structure of the membrane is located between the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the eye area. Over time, it becomes very thin. This is affected by multiple adverse factors, which include:…

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