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How To Choose A Foundation Funds

How to choose a foundation funds

Choose a foundation that is perfectly right for your skin type and the appearance is quite difficult. You need to know a lot of nuances and take into account the recommendations of cosmetologists.

Instruction how to select the tonal means

Step 1:

First of all you should decide so, what type of skin you have. After…

How To Pull The Tunnels

How to pull the tunnels

Tunnels are one of the most popular types of bodimodifikatsii. They were made from time immemorial, for example, in the East. To have survived sculptures and images of Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, in the ears which can be seen well stretched tunnels.

You will need:

- visit the salon aesthetic surgery; - Special plastic streamers; - Plug; -…

How To Wash Away The Wax For Hair Removal

How to wash away the wax for hair removal

Waxing - one of the fastest and most convenient ways to remove unwanted hair on the face and body. It is popular among many women and does not require almost no extras except the wax paper strips for its fixation and removal. Use wax is very simple, but in the early stages,…

How To Draw A Beautiful Eyebrows

How to draw a beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrows perfectly correct form is very rare. But there are correct ways to make them attractive and neat. To draw a beautiful eyebrows, you need only outline the contours, perfectly fits the shape of your face.

Instruction how to draw a beautiful eyebrows

Step 1:

Carefully read the rules, following which you define the individual shape…

As Stabbing Nose

As stabbing nose

Piercing is one of the most popular among young people ways of body adornment. Conventional ear piercing is not enough - the piercer exposed to almost all areas of the body. One of the favorite girls is piercing the nose.

You will need:

- surgical gloves; - Wool; - Needle dropper; - 100 ml of alcohol; - Antiseptic.


Oral Hygiene: How To Care For Your Teeth

Oral Hygiene: How to care for your teeth

The teeth on a daily basis are exposed to many factors. For example, temperature changes in the use of various foods provoke cracking enamel. Clicking seeds, opening bottles of teeth - the cause chipping. The structure of the teeth also includes salt. The acid dissolves and washes away. Since the teeth are destroyed…

Pepper Tincture For Hair

Pepper tincture for hair

Man loses daily from 60 to 100 hairs, which is normal. However, if this number has increased dramatically, an urgent need to take action. In the fight against hair loss is quite effective pepper tincture. Prepare a wonderful restorative mask you can in your own kitchen.

Pepper tincture, you can either buy in a drugstore or to…

How To Get Rid Of Warts

How to get rid of warts

Medicine has about 50 different types of warts. Some of them are quite harmless, but there are those who are able to multiply very rapidly. The virus spreads when this contact method. In any case, we should not expect deterioration of the situation, it is necessary both to remove a wart as soon as possible,…

Hair That Is Not Afraid To Wear In Bad Weather

Hair that is not afraid to wear in bad weather

Outside the window it was really cold, which means that it is time to hats. Fortunately, their choice is huge - from elegant felt hats and berets to stylish crocheted hats of different shapes and colors. That's great, but it is possible in such conditions to maintain the beauty of hair…

How To Relieve Irritation After Epilation

How to relieve irritation after epilation

Excess hair on the body - the eternal problem of all women. Their method of disposal, there are many: shaving, waxing, depilatory cream. If the skin is sensitive, even the softest means leave her irritation. The situation is aggravated misuse or inaccurate razor follow the instructions.

Instruction how to relieve irritation after epilation

Step 1:


How To Choose Lingerie For A Wedding Dress

How to choose lingerie for a wedding dress

Before the wedding ceremony the bride all carefully prepared and think over absolutely all the details of his toilet. Wedding underwear - this is an important aspect to be taken into account when preparing for the ceremony.

The only requirement which is presented to the wedding garment, - it was his invisibility under…

How To Put A Body Hair

How to put a body hair

The surest way to give hair volume - to comb her hair. But they can not be abused, because it spoils the hair. There are more forgiving styling that will allow you to be proud of its lush hair.

You will need:

- Mousse; - hair spray; - comb; - Hairpins invisible.

Instruction how to put…

How To Attach A Hairpiece

How to attach a hairpiece

Hairpieces today are experiencing another wave of popularity. For long hair is always decorated and young girls and older women. A hairpiece to vary the length of the hair, depending on the situation. At the same time your image is changed is amazing.

You will need:

clips, tape chignon, hairpin-crab stud

Instruction how to attach a hairpiece


What Uplifting Scents Attract Love And Improve Health

What uplifting scents attract love and improve health

Aromas bring with them a lot of memories, strengthening of human consciousness and reviving forgotten images experienced exciting moments of love. So how to choose a scent that it perfectly fits into the life and causes only positive emotions.

Aromas that bring love

The scent of vanilla will help to keep the family…

How To Wind The Hair On The Studs

How to wind the hair on the studs

Depending on personal preference, you can wind the hair, using a variety of ways. For example, you can become the owner of a beautiful and very unusual curls if your hair curl using conventional hairpin.

You will need:

- studs - invisible - hair iron hair straightening

Instruction how to wind the hair on…

How To Reduce Under-Eye Circles

How to reduce under-eye circles

Some people under-eye dark circles appear. The reasons for this phenomenon are different, for example, they may arise due to fatigue, illness, heredity. Of course, these bruises do not add to the charm and attractiveness of a person. Their visibility is possible to reduce or even nullify the "no."

You will need:

- tea bags; -…

How To Get Rid Of Blue Spots From Acne

How to get rid of blue spots from acne

Ugly traces of spots appear on the face, if not carried out due disinfecting and treatment of inflammation. From blue spots will help eliminate several proven procedures that are done in beauty salons or at home.

You will need:

- powder concoctions, hydrogen peroxide; - Green clay, rosemary oil; - Blue clay and…

How To Make Your Hair Volume At Home

How to make your hair volume at home

Every girl, even that which by nature has a dense and lush hair, once interested in the question, how to make hair more volume. If you do not have the time or resources to create the volume hairstyle in a beauty salon, it does not matter, because even at home, you can put…

How To Dye Your Hair Peroxide

How to dye your hair peroxide

In the life of every woman there comes a time when you want to change. Most often, a woman wants to become the owner of blond hair. Lighter hair can gidroperita (perhydrol), which is available over the counter. There is no way to lighten hair dye application.

Instruction how to dye your hair peroxide

Step 1:…

How To Make A Fashionable Haircut

How to make a fashionable haircut

Neat and stylish haircut makes a woman younger and more beautiful, changing her image, she brings a fresh approach to her image. Make a fashionable haircut, you can not just refer to a specialist, the hairdresser, but also independently. However, in any case, it should be remembered that the creation of a hairstyle should be…

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