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How To Limit Your Diet And Lose Weight

How to limit your diet and lose weight

Full or partial restriction in food is one way to combat obesity. Weight loss occurs by reducing the amount of fat entering the body with food. Partial restriction of the diet in foods are used.

Instruction how to limit your diet and lose weight

Step 1:

Clean your body. Cleaning allows to bring the…

How To Remove Skin Redness

How to remove skin redness

Redness of the skin can be caused by many different causes: from excessive exposure to the sun, ending frostbite redness or acne-point. Redness can be caused by blood circulation in the skin, or the influence of external stimuli.

Instruction how to remove skin redness

Step 1:

As soon as you notice redness, immediately lubricate it with a…

How To Grow Your Nails Per Day

How to grow your nails per day

Girls dream to grow nails in one day, but it is simply impossible, because the nail plate grows in a week for a couple of millimeters. Make long nails, you can use gel or acrylic build-up, but that spoils their structure. Due to popular techniques and proper care, you can grow your nails in…

Make Rules For Young Skin

make rules for young skin

Youth - this is the best cosmetics, which will acquire not for any money. Even young beautiful skin can be beneficial to emphasize with the right makeup. What makeup is best suited for young skin?

If your skin is normal or dry, it is better to take a powder or tinted moisturizer. You do not need…

How To Display Corns

How to display corns

Calluses - thickening of the skin on the feet down. They usually form on the heels or around the fingers. Corns deliver considerable discomfort and even pain when wearing shoes. Yes, and they look very unsightly. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to get rid of corns, resorting to which you can return your legs to its…

How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

How to get rid of split ends

Each girl, of course, want to have a healthy and shiny hair. But even when seemingly everything is fine - the hair shine and shine, not the slightest hint of dandruff, yet often there is another, no less important issue - cut by the tips of the strands How to get rid of it?…

How To Curl Hair Straightener

How to curl hair straightener

For curling hair of the fair sex are used to apply all kinds of hair curlers and curling irons, but it is quite possible to do using the ironing and rectifier. Of course, the phrase "curl hair straightener" sounds more than strange and absurd. But get wonderful ringlets using this device, it is actually possible. It…

How To Remove Red Hair Color

How to remove red hair color

Sometimes, the experiments with the appearance and color of the hair does not lead to the desired results. This situation is unpleasant, but familiar to those women who choose to color the hair yourself, without resorting to professionals. Correct the situation and get rid of red hair color sometimes is not so easy as it…

How To Recover After Breastfeeding

How to recover after breastfeeding

Pregnancy and infant feeding - this is the most joyful and difficult period in a woman's life. Mammary glands increase in size, which may contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. In addition, there are often overweight due to hormonal changes the body. The recovery period can speed up if give yourself plenty of time.


How To Fix The Figure

How to fix a figure "an Apple"

Often women are not dissatisfied with his own figure as a whole and the individual sections of the body. For example, too wide hips with a narrow waist and flat stomach. In this case, for the most quality and quick correction of deficiencies figures need to pay attention to her appearance. If the naked…

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Stains Under The Armpits

How to get rid of yellow stains under the armpits

In people with excessive sweating, there are many challenges, especially with clothes. Sweat stains are very difficult to wash off, and if they are not fresh, it is practically impossible. Many people just throw things bright with yellow stains from sweat. But all is not as tragic as it seems at…

How To Lighten The Tooth Enamel

How to lighten the tooth enamel

Whiter teeth return professional treatments. But help maintain color simple and affordable in many ways.

According to Professor Bradley Beysuendzhera from Indiana University in the US, the best way to whiten teeth is chewing gum. If you chew it immediately after a meal within 20 minutes, the plaque on your teeth will be formed much…

How To Wash Away The Old Paint From The Hair

How to wash away the old paint from the hair

Sometimes when hair coloring turns out not quite the color of hair, which was expected. In this case, trying to get rid of the failed re-color hair painting, we are attacking again on the same rake. Some women just want to change the image, and the old hair color does not…

Young Nettle Hair

Young nettle hair

We often use the gifts of nature, nettle hair - one more proof. Natural medicines rarely have side effects, and in its application simple and very effective.

One of the first spring herbs - this nettle. It is useful in its application to virtually any human body, as well as for hair. From nettle can easily make a…

How Can You Cut Your Own Hair

How can you cut your own hair

Cut the hair myself is not easy, but quite feasible. Some people are convinced that it is a bad omen. Ostensibly clipping own hair, you shortened your life. But if you do not have the ability or resources to visit the hairdresser, or you can not stand when someone else touches your hair, try…

What Makes Us Attractive

What makes us attractive

Since ancient times, people are interested in one question: what to do to be attractive to the opposite sex, to get their attention? Some would say that you need to be beautiful, but it is not enough, because in different cultures and epochs of the concept of beauty was often the opposite. There are some categories constants…

How To Wash Your Hair Rye Bread

How to wash your hair rye bread

Russian beauties have always been famous for its thick, strong hair. Perhaps the point here was in the diet and a healthy lifestyle, but certainly not without its ancient recipes natural remedies for hair. One of these secrets is to wash your hair rye bread.

You will need:

- Rye bread; - olive oil; -…

Homemade Masks For Hair Growth

Homemade masks for hair growth

Slow-growing hair is often evoke a sense of frustration and irritation, especially if short haircuts have time to get bored and want to wear a hairstyle with elegant curls. The reason for slow growth can be either genetic factors, endocrine disorders, and problems caused by improper hair care. Correct the error of leaving home to help…

How To Repaint The Hair Red

How to repaint the hair red

Thanks to its rich palette of shades of red hair color is suitable for almost all women. Despite the fact that the red hair - the most unpredictable, and color over time, it is very difficult to deduce, millions of women prefer this to any other hair color. The reason is simple: bright hair -…

How To Increase Collagen

How to increase collagen

Scientists are still in the twentieth century found that in humans there is a link between a decrease in collagen production and aging. The skin loses its elasticity and becomes less elastic. Also, the state is deteriorating muscle, hair and nails. However, in this case, the skin will suffer the most, because collagen is a kind of…

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