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How To Make A Hair-Clipper

How to make a hair-clipper

Men's haircut model in stores is quite expensive. Meanwhile, the majority of men are not so capriciously in choosing a hairstyle. The main thing that was neat. What can we say about the sons. Make the boy to sit in the chair when a strange aunt something buzzes and clicks dangerously close to the ears, similar…

How To Get Rid Of The Second Podborotka

How to get rid of the second podborotka

Swan-neck Slender, graceful chin add femininity and pleasing to the eye. But many can be observed over time the emergence of double chin. Not always talking about excess weight. The second jaw may occur from improper head position during sleep, as well as in diseases of the thyroid gland or hormonal changes. However,…

How To Wash A Wig

How to wash a wig

To keep a long wig and natural beauty needs proper and timely care for him. One way to achieve this is a rare washing products. It needs a process that acquires a specific odor or looks dirty.

Instruction how to wash a wig

Step 1:

In the care of a wig made of natural or synthetic hair…

Make-Up For Blondes

Make-up for blondes

Blondes have taken on the nature of their dazzling appearance. They are very attractive. In addition, if the blonde knows all the intricacies of make-up, she will be able to emphasize their excellence, making the image more expressive.

Ton stylish makeup blondes are completely dependent on the skin and eye color, hair colors. Unnatural blondes more difficult to…
How To Stimulate Hair Growth

How to stimulate hair growth

The life cycle of a single hair on the head can reach 7 years, during this period of his active growth alternated with rest. But sometimes, due to unfavorable factors, rest delayed for a long time. Meanwhile, there are natural stimulants that allow "wake up" the hair follicle and improve hair growth.

You will need:

- vitamins;…

How To Repaint The Hair, If You Are A Brunette

How to repaint the hair, if you are a brunette

Psychologists noticed that radically change hair color, life can change completely. Repaint of the brunette is possible at a time when the color is natural and there is a desire to give it a different hue. If you plan to change the dark completely, will have to do it gradually over…

How To Choose A Night Cream For The Face

How to choose a night cream for the face

You buy in a store jar of night cream advertised. But notice after use, said means is not working. The thing is that you made the wrong choice.

Instruction how to choose a night cream for the face

Step 1:

A wrong night cream you can trigger the appearance of acne, inflammation and…

How To Make A Zigzag Parting

How to make a zigzag parting

You decided to change your hairstyle, but do not know on what to choose. Try to start to make a little variety in your style. It is not necessary to cut hair. Make a parting "zigzag". It is very easy to perform and you do not need the skills. His parting popularity gained because visually…

How To Make Thin Hair Thicker

How to make thin hair thicker

About beautiful voluminous hair to dream big part of the fair sex. If the nature of your hair is thin, it is not necessary to be upset, because with the help of modern cosmetology and ancient folk remedies even the finest hair can look thick and luxurious!

You will need:

-quality shampoos and balms-conditioners for fine…

How To Glue Rhinestones On Nails

How to glue rhinestones on nails

These ladies always enjoy every opportunity to beautify themselves from top to toe. With the creation of nail art they had the opportunity to do more. Options for decorating nails invented by weight. One of the most popular jewelry for the nail plate are rhinestones. Buy them can be in any cosmetic shop. The problem…

How To Successfully Restore Dry Hair

How to successfully restore dry hair

The hair is usually drier with age, but also young girls often suffer from increased dryness curls. This stems from the often improper care, permanent staining, use a hair dryer, ploek, ironing. Much less cause dryness of the hair may be health problems and poor diet, although it is also important.

Restore dry hair can…

How To Weave Braid Of Four

How to weave braid of four

How to weave braid, knows probably everyone. However, sometimes you want to add variety to the traditional hairstyle, decorating the head of beautiful girls for many centuries. And it can be done without even buying a huge number of accessories and pins, and without resorting to the services of stylists, hairdressers and a braided plait…

How To Increase The Nails On The Form

How to increase the nails on the form

Artificial nails - a simple and affordable way to give yourself a beautiful and neat nails of any length and any color, even if your own nails are not a beautiful and healthy. Nail on the form - a simple process, the result of which are smooth and neat nails any convenient for…

How To Choose A Machine For Hair

How to choose a machine for hair

Hair clipper designed for the care of a male hairstyle. This device can also be used at home, trimming the hair on their own. Knowing the characteristics of the different models, you can select the appropriate clipper and do not waste time going to a hair salon.

Instruction how to choose the machine for…

As The Skin To Get Rid Of White Spots

As the skin to get rid of white spots

White patches on the skin or vitiligo difficult to treat. The number of patients with this disease is increasing, because of this, the scientists began to show increasing interest in the study of disease. To invent new forms of treatment of vitiligo, so the chances of recovery are at all.

Instruction on…

Comments About Epilation Elos

Comments about epilation Elos

Elos Hair Removal is a waste of money. In the salons promise that hair will disappear forever and never grow up. The procedure is very painful and is not small money. I had to go to several procedures Elos hair removal, after which the hair of course became less, but they still prodalzhay grow. I think that…

How To Choose The Right Foundation

How to choose the right foundation

In our time in the sale is such an abundance of tone means that every woman can choose for themselves the ideal, suitable to her in type and skin color. Tonal tool allows you to adjust the appearance of success, if there are imperfections, it is able to give it a healthy and radiant appearance.…

As Can Be At Home To Straighten Hair

As can be at home to straighten hair

You do not have to go to a beauty salon to gain direct, bright and flowing hair like in the commercials. It is enough to follow the simple rules of care, and you can make your strands straight and obedient, even at home.

You will need:

- Nourishing Shampoo hair smoothing effect; - Rectifying…

How To Improve The Elasticity Of The Skin

How to improve the elasticity of the skin

Human skin is aging is inevitable after a certain time. At the same time, there are simple techniques and exercises that will allow postpone the inevitable process.

Instruction how to improve the elasticity of the skin

Step 1:

Take care of your facial muscles in order to increase the elasticity of the skin, make…

How To Make A Coffee Scrub

How to make a coffee scrub

Coffee Body Scrub provides the necessary care and cleansing of the skin of impurities and dead cells. The active ingredient of this natural, home-cooked means - caffeine, which promotes the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, on the basis of scrub ground coffee is effective in the fight against cellulite. Another advantage - it removes toxins…

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