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How To Emphasize Eye Color

How to emphasize eye color

Every girl and woman wants to be a charming, mysterious, attractive. And nothing can show your beauty better than eyes. Accordingly, the brighter they stand out, the more your personality. Use the following methods to highlight the blue, brown and green eyes with the help of makeup and your hair color.

Instruction how to emphasize eye…

How To Make A Hairstyle

How to make a hairstyle "Cold wave"

Feminine hair, laid in the form of the S waves, moves immediately to the 20-30-ies of the last century. Imagination draws lean women in silk dresses, with lots of decorations, brightly painted lips and perfectly coiffed hair, hidden under the net. Such a woman can not be forgotten.

You will need:

- styling gel; -…

How To Get Rid Of Morning Bags Under The Eyes

How to get rid of morning bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes can be the result of an individual feature or accumulation of excess fluid in the body, fatigue and eye irritation, certain diseases. Getting rid of them can be achieved by removing the cause and application of local methods of influence on the fabric.

You will need:

- tea…

How To Remove Hair On The Chest

How to remove hair on the chest

Removing hair from the chest - one of the most schepetilnyh those for men. Someone refers to this critical, saying that it makes men metrosexual. But some members of the stronger sex still clean hair. It happens that the hair is growing and the female breast. Remove vegetation such or not - the question…

Tips For The Selection Of Hairstyles

Tips for the selection of hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle - is not only a guarantee of good mood of women, but also surprising in its capabilities tool that allows visually correct the shortcomings appearance and beneficial to emphasize its advantages. Well styled hair will help to change the shape of the face, soften sharp features and subtract age, if we…

How To Paint The Lower Eyelid

How to paint the lower eyelid

For eye make-up women usually approach very seriously, because the slightest error in it can adversely affect the appearance as a whole. You can or you can not paint the lower eyelid? This question is often asked by young girls just started to use cosmetics.

You will need:

- shade; - pencils; - Cosmetic brushes; -…

How Should You Dye Your Hair

How should you dye your hair

Today, it is not necessary to go to the salon to dye my hair. In any supermarket you can buy a coloring agent made specifically for home use. But with all the convenience of using such funds still need to observe certain rules for their use.

You will need:

- hair dye; - An old towel;…

How To Get Rid Of The Redness On His Face Quickly

How to get rid of the redness on his face quickly

Redness on the face no one color, because the inflamed skin looks untidy and gives a lot of inconvenience, making you feel insecure. Camouflage redness, you can use various cosmetic products, but this is only a temporary solution.

Instruction how to get rid of the redness on his face quickly


How To Refresh The Hair Color

How to refresh the hair color

From the abundance of styling hair can become dull and lifeless. To revive the color curls and refresh the appearance of hair, you need to use a special shampoo tint or paint. If you do not want to use chemicals, take into service folk recipes.

You will need:

- chamomile flowers; - Lemon; - Sage leaves;…

Why Is The Connection Lost

Why is the connection lost

Robust mobile telephony - is a significant competitive advantage for which it is currently fighting a large number of mobile operators in different countries. This problem is especially acute with us: the country's territory is large enough to continuously maintain uninterrupted communication in a short time to troubleshoot.

Probably many of you are familiar with the…

How To Apply Rhinestones On Your Nails

How to apply rhinestones on your nails

Manicure is the hallmark of women. Therefore, the hands must be well-groomed and beautiful. There are many design options polish, but is growing in popularity gaining their decoration using rhinestones. Make a manicure and you can own.

You will need:

- crystals; - Glue for rhinestones; - Toothpicks; - Fine forceps; - Brush for nail…

How To Cut Your Neck

How to cut your neck

To cut yourself is difficult but possible. However, in the process of shearing the most trouble may deliver the occipital part of the head, which can be considered only having imposed mirrors or ensconced in trellis.

Instruction how to cut his head

Step 1:

Wash your head and gently pat dry with a towel. Wet hair is…

How To Get Rid Of Acne On The Skin

How to get rid of acne on the skin

Acne lesions occur mostly in young age, when there are changes in the hormonal background. Improve the overall condition of the skin as possible, if you hold a comprehensive treatment.

Instruction how to get rid of acne on the skin

Step 1:

Consult a dermatologist if you have a lot of sore spots…

How To Apply The Toilet Water

How to apply the toilet water

Eau de toilette is an important part of our image. Therefore, when choosing a perfume is not only important to choose the most suitable flavor, but also learn how to apply it to the body. After all, how and where the toilet water is applied, it depends on the intensity and duration of sound flavor.…

How To Unlearn Squeeze Pimples

How to unlearn squeeze pimples

Habit squeeze pimples - a common problem. It is not as dangerous as smoking, may seem frivolous and insignificant at first glance. But squeezing acne can have serious consequences, so we need to get rid of this habit as soon as possible.

Instruction how to unlearn squeeze pimples

Step 1:

Scratched even the smallest pimple, you damage…

How To Choose The Device For Manicure

How to choose the device for manicure

If you want to always keep their nails in perfect condition, but it does not have the possibility to frequent beauty salons, the best option for you is to buy a suitable apparatus, with which you can quite professionally handle the nail plate and in the home. Because this thing is not cheap, so…

How To Get A Nice Tan In The Solarium

How to get a nice tan in the solarium

Not every one of us has the opportunity to constantly go to the sea to get a nice tan. So long ago came to the aid sunroom that can produce radiation similar to sunlight, causing skin pigmentation.

Instruction how to get a nice tan in the solarium

Step 1:

Before visiting the solarium…

How To Treat Thin Hair

How to treat thin hair

Fine and weakened hair - a problem for many people. The reason for this can serve as a bad environment, and improper diet, heredity, and natural, and just lack of care. Bring hair to its normal state and give them a healthy appearance, you can use simple and effective people's councils.

You will need:

- Peach oil;…

How Not To Feel A Sense Of Hunger

How not to feel a sense of hunger

Hunger - a natural feeling that when people begin to experience a lack of energy. That hunger causes the flour to people losing weight. To get rid of this feeling is completely impossible, but you can knock it down a bit with the help of low-calorie foods, drinks or special tablets.

Instruction how…

How To Go To The Solarium

How to go to the solarium

Only recently have a tanned appearance was quite difficult during the cold season. But with the advent of tanning the problem disappeared by itself.

Instruction how to go to the solarium

Step 1:

In the first place to visit to the solarium is necessary to properly distribute and calculate the time of visits. So, in any…

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