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How To Choose A Female Fragrance Perfume

How to choose a female fragrance perfume

Aromas affect the ancient structure of the human brain. The perception of the outside world is through imperceptible odors for ourselves. This particular fragrance is often attributed to the incredible appeal of some women. Aroma subconsciously attracted to men, emphasizing sexuality and the beauty of its owner.

The scent of perfume or toilet water…

How To Cure Hair After Dyeing

How to cure hair after dyeing

Even the most benign modern paint can harm your hair, make them thinner, fragile and weak. This is especially the case after clarification of hair due to the effects of ammonia and other active substances. Therefore, the problem of many women - to restore the health of their locks after staining.

Instruction how to cure…

How To Get Rid Of Cracks On Hands

How to get rid of cracks on hands

Every woman wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hands. With age, your skin loses its former elasticity, dry, scaly and cracked. The reasons for this can be both household chores and skin diseases, as well as simple chapping. Therefore, your skin needs special care.

Instruction how to get rid of cracks on hands


How To Dye Your Hair In Chestnut Color

How to dye your hair in chestnut color

Chestnut Hair color is very urgent and loved because of their range of colors, from golden to dark chocolate walnut. This color looks harmonious and young girls, and to this lady.

Instruction how to dye my hair chestnut color

Step 1:

If you are the owner of the spring or the autumn-type skin with…

How To Apply Face Masks

How to apply face masks

The use of masks - an essential part of skin care program faces. At first glance, the process of applying the mask is very simple and straightforward. However, it was from him the effectiveness of cosmetic products used depends largely. Therefore, a face mask should be applied correctly.

You will need:

- cotton pads; - Synthetic brush,…

How To Choose A Hot Tub

How to choose a hot tub

Hot tub is designed to relax the feet, massage them. It allows you to get the effect that you can get in the bath in the Jacuzzi. At the same time you get relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation now.

Instruction how to choose the hot tub

Step 1:

Remember that hot tub you need not just for…

How To Wash Hair Dye From Hands

How to wash hair dye from hands

It happens that ink gets on your skin during the hair coloring. Can tear the gloves, which, unfortunately, is not very strong. unpleasant bright spots remain on the hands. Get rid of them is not easy, but still possible. There are a few simple home remedies that are perfectly cope with this task.


How To Emphasize The Individuality

How to emphasize the individuality

We know that each person is different, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly demonstrate. Nowadays there are many different ways to emphasize their individuality: it can manifest itself in speech, in life style that you choose - all characterizes you as a person. Here are several ways to show your uniqueness and exclusivity.


How To Restore Skin Tone

How to restore skin tone

The skin can lose its elasticity, not only in adulthood. That contributes to violations of stress, poor diet, bad matched withdrawal. To the skin as long as possible preserved his youth and beauty, it is important to constantly take care of it.

You will need:

- essential oils; - Grass; - Scrubs; - Nutritious milk.

Instruction how…

Health Academy: Nails - All The Envy

Health Academy: nails - all the envy

Hands are not for nothing called the second person. For them, their state of mind and appearance of nails, you can learn a lot about their owner. Barely glancing at his hands, the doctor instantly detect the available human diseases. And surrounding usually primarily during conversation pay attention to the appearance of the interlocutor.…

How Do Permanent Makeup

How do permanent makeup

Permanent makeup or tattooing - a subcutaneous injection of a special dye pigments to create different types of make-up lips, eyelids and eyebrows. Also, permanent make-up technology is used to camouflage scars, burns and other skin imperfections.

You will need:

- qualified specialist; - Anesthetic; - Makeup palette; - A special ointment or cream for treating the skin…

How To Straighten Wavy Hair

How to straighten wavy hair

Women tend to desire to change their appearance. Changing the image of uplifting and gives confidence. A new hairstyle - a prerequisite of a new image. Someone makes a perm, and someone on the contrary, is fighting with bored curls. Well, in our time, for it has a lot of different ways.

You will need:

-hair dryer;…

How To Whiten Your Teeth With Lemon

How to whiten your teeth with lemon

On the health and color of tooth enamel affected by many factors - the quality of food, the use of hot drinks like tea and coffee, bad habits and genetic characteristics of the organism. Sooner or later, many are thinking hard to whiten their teeth. But sometimes on the trip to the dentist is…

How To Care For Combination Skin Facial Summer

How to care for combination skin facial summer

Combination skin is a mixed type of oily and dry areas of it. It is most commonly found in adolescent girls. However, as they mature skin type can change and become a normal, oily or dry. Combination skin type requires special care, especially during the summer.

You will need:

- Cleansing Gel - tonic…

Stimulating Foot Bath

Stimulating foot bath

Women's feet are one of the most attractive and visible parts of the body, especially in the summer. However, they receive a significant burden. To relieve tension and fatigue after a hard day, invented a lot of folk ways, one of them - toning baths.

Excellent tonic properties has bath with salt. For the preparation it is desirable…

How To Get Rid Of Traces Of Herpes

How to get rid of traces of herpes

Herpes - one of the most widespread diseases on the planet, as almost every person is a carrier of the virus. In most cases, it will be activated in case of violation or reducing immune responses. Disease is manifested in the form of small bubbles on the areas around the lips or mouth.…

How To Wash The Hair With A Tint

How to wash the hair with a tint

Toning hair - is unstable coloring paints or light shading means. This method of staining is attractive to many women, as it allows to try different options and decide on the appropriate color. Toning is quickly washed off, but in some cases you need to immediately get rid of it.

You will need:


How To Get Rid Of The Hair Section

How to get rid of the hair section

The problem of dry, split ends familiar to many of the fair sex. Such hair is absolutely unattractive and look dull and tired. Prevent Hair-section, to strengthen them and give them health and shine is still possible. It is important to just follow the simple rules of hair care products.

Instruction how to…

How To Pull Yourself Together And Start To Lose Weight

How to pull yourself together and start to lose weight

Most people are unhappy with their appearance and shape. Many have attempted to tidy himself up and drop excess weight, but not always successfully. Or it turns out, but not for long. Very soon the weight returns. Nutritionists believe that the reason is not properly chosen motivation, which would not allow…

How To Get Rid Of Pimples That Do Not Go Over The Years

How to get rid of pimples that do not go over the years

Clean, smooth, well-groomed skin - the dream of every girl. This overriding criterion of female beauty. As a rule, from the appearance of acne suffer either young girls or women of different ages in the premenstrual period. However, quite often there are nasty exceptions - when the girl…

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