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How Should I Apply Powder

How should I apply powder

With powder can achieve high-quality make-up, mask spots, inflammation. It evens out skin tone, conceals enlarged pores, gives the skin a matte finish.

Instruction how to apply powder

Step 1:

Choose a powder that is suitable for your skin type. If you have dry skin, use compact powder as it contains fat. On tanned skin looks great…

How To Restore The Ink

How to restore the ink

From constant contact with the air, which occurs during staining eyelashes, mascara dries and becomes lumps. To restore its texture, it should be only slightly diluted. For this purpose, suitable different fluid, so the choice is yours.

You will need:

- boiled water; - eye drops; - A liquid for storage of lenses; - Alcohol.

Instruction how…

How To Insert An Earring In His Nose

How to insert an earring in his nose

Piercing - one of the most fashionable youth interests. Today, more and more people meet with an earring in her nose. Sometimes even respectable ladies sometimes hesitant to take such a step as to pierce his nose. Piercing nose. perhaps add to your image of elegance and coquetry.

You will need:

Medical steel Shackle…

As The Beam Eyelash Glue

As the beam eyelash glue

Women always want to look good. At the same time subjected to severe criticism all, including eyelashes. To do this, buy expensive mascara that can make the eyes look seductive and sexy, but an easier way is considered beam gluing eyelashes.

You will need:

Sheaf eyelash glue, tweezers, eye pencil or eyeliner, mascara, floss, mirror, scissors.


How To Remove Yellow Hair Color

How to remove yellow hair color

Over time, bleached and streaked hair get a yellow tinge. This is due to the use of hair oils and home masks, and also for iron content and chlorine in tap water.

You will need:

- shampoo for blonde cool colors; - A balm for the cold shades of blonde; - hair dye; - Tinting paint;…

Simple Mask For The Face Based On Viburnum

Simple mask for the face based on viburnum

I offer a simple face mask in the home cosmetics with viburnum berries, which can be easily and effectively use every day. From ancient times women used cosmetic products from Viburnum for giving a person the freshness and radiance. The person bleached, restores natural color, wrinkles disappear. These homemade cosmetics recipes from viburnum,…

Fruit Facials

Fruit facials

In the summer time nature gives women a great opportunity to use a wide variety of fruits to preserve the beauty and prolong youthful skin. They intensively nourish it, moisturize and tone. In addition, fresh fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that are extremely beneficial for the skin.

Fruit masks for normal skin To care for normal skin type…

How To Get Rid Of Dry Ends

How to get rid of dry ends

The dry and split ends, lifeless and unruly hair - all this is the result of an illiterate care and dysfunction of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. The use of such devices such as hair dryers, curling irons and hair iron, causing tremendous harm to your hair, dry and burning them. So how…

How Quickly Remove A Pimple

How quickly remove a pimple

Suddenly appeared a pimple is able to spoil not only the appearance but also the mood. However, you can get rid of this problem. Of course, a few minutes is annoying bump does not disappear, but to make it less noticeable and remove the inflammation completely within your power. Stock up on special means and appropriate…

How To Look Younger Than Their Age

How to look younger than their age

Is there anything in the world, women who do not want to look younger? In pursuit of eternal youth, women resort to various, sometimes radical methods. Although sometimes it is enough to stick to the most simple way and look at this perfectly.

Pick a suitable hairstyle Choosing the right hairstyle can make a…

How To Lighten Your Hair A Bit

How to lighten your hair a bit

Few can lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide or traditional methods. The first option will make your hair lighter quickly, but can damage their structure. The second option does not harm the hair, but the result will be visible only after 5-10 procedures.

You will need:

- pelletized and liquid hydrogen peroxide; - Water; -…

Simple Tips: How To Properly Apply Makeup

Simple Tips: how to properly apply makeup

How to apply makeup? The right make-up is such care for themselves, in which you look natural but charming than before. The main rule is the correct makeup - do not overdo the makeup.

How to properly apply makeup yourself? Take some tips: • Always Apply a foundation corresponding to skin tone; • Corrector…

How To Fix The Eyebrow Shape

How to fix the eyebrow shape

By changing only the shape of eyebrows can make a person much more expressive. There are several ways to adjust the shape of eyebrows - from mild to radical.

Instruction how to correct the shape of eyebrows

Step 1:

If you have thick eyebrows, they can be on their own to pull out with tweezers. Take…

How To Weave The Thread Into The Hair

How to weave the thread into the hair

Any braid can be decorated with beautiful colored thread. This braid is obtained durable and comfortable, and is worn for a long time. To achieve an interesting effect can be achieved by matching colors of the yarns used.

You will need:

- thread; - Shampoo; - Water; - Hair dryer; - comb; - Catch;…

How To Straighten Your Hair Tongs

How to straighten your hair tongs

Sometimes girls having nature fluffy curly hair, prefer to receive, on the contrary, even and smooth. A considerable role in this quest plays fashion. In this case, it goes to the course of all hair dryers, special cosmetics, and of course, the invention of recent years - or forceps, as they are called, the hair…

How To Get Rid Of Acne Marks

How to get rid of acne marks

Acne - skin disease that affects up to 80% of young people under the age of 30 years, so it is called teenage rash. The scars left over by those who were touched by the disease, can spoil the appearance, it is necessary to get rid of them in time.

You will need:

- green…

Hair Color And Lipstick: The Choice Is Clear

Hair color and lipstick: the choice is clear!

When choosing a lipstick should start not only on their own preferences, but also the type of appearance and hair color. Based on these facts, you will more accurately assess the color range of lipsticks and glosses and choose exactly those colors that really suits you.

Choose a lipstick in the daytime,…

How To Make Bath For Nails

How to make bath for nails

If you want your nails are healthy and beautiful look, pay attention to them, not only once a week during a manicure. Included in the daily beauty treatments, baths rate for nails, you get the desired result.

You will need:

Water, oil (almond or olive oil), water softener, mineral water, salt, herbal infusions, cosmetics, lemon juice,…

How To Hide That You'Re Skinny

How to hide that you're skinny

The fragile figure - it is rather advantage than a disadvantage, but the excessive thinness wrong selection of clothing can play with you a malicious joke. In order not to draw attention to the lack of magnificent forms and to emphasize the elegance, you only need to follow a few simple rules.

Instruction how to…

How To Use Cedar Oil

How to use cedar oil

Essential cedar oil is a healing tool. It is used in medicine and in cosmetics. It is rich in vitamins, trace elements and vegetable proteins. This tool is perfectly heals the skin, fights infections, and prevents inflammation.

Instruction how to use cedar oil

Step 1:

If you notice that the skin began to peel off, or it…

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