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How To Wash Your Hair Less Often

How to wash your hair less often

Owners of oily hair type experiencing a lot of difficulties because the locks are not constantly look fresh and weighted. Therefore, the head has to be washed every day, which is not always convenient. To wash your hair less often, you need to properly care for them.

You will need:

- shampoo for oily hair…

How To Make Masks Of Burdock Oil

How to make masks of burdock oil

Nature gives people the opportunity to care for themselves, using its natural ingredients. Among them is burdock, masks are known for many years and earned its recognition for visible results from their use.

You will need:

Burdock oil, towel, shampoo

Instruction how to make masks of burdock oil

Step 1:

Masks of burdock oil promote hair…

How To Prevent Hair Graying

How to prevent hair graying

The gray hair is caused by the loss of pigment - melanin. Gray hair often appears after age 35, but it is often found in young people, which is not even thirty. As to stop the process is almost impossible, it is necessary to worry in advance about how to delay the appearance of gray hair.…

Which Cosmetics Will Need While On Vacation

Which cosmetics will need while on vacation

Summer time - this time of holidays, during which we should not forget about your body. Even away from your own home wants to be irresistible.

Which cosmetics will need during the holiday Makeup should be chosen depending on the climate of the country where you decide to go on vacation. For example, if…

How To Get Rid Of Traces Of Burns

How to get rid of traces of burns

After burns almost always remain dark spots or scars. However, this problem can be avoided if properly care for the injured part of the body. In addition, today there are many ways to get rid of old scars from burns.

Instruction how to get rid of traces of burns

Step 1:

Immediately after you…

How Stab Crest

How stab crest

Recently crest again gained a leading position in the world of fashion and beauty. Convenient and reliable hair accessory is able to make even the simplest of chic hairstyle, the main thing right to stab him.

Instruction how to stab crest

Step 1:

Choose a comb that you like. For example, you might like vintage scallop, made popular in…

How To Lighten Your Hair A Few Shades

How to lighten your hair a few shades

Women tend to transformations in appearance, especially the many people like to change the color of hair on the other, darker, or conversely, bright. Some want to be out of the red-haired brunette, the other - just lighten your natural color a few shades. This can be done by means of hydrogen peroxide.…

Why Tan Legs Bad

Why tan legs bad

Natural Tan (in moderation), very useful for the human body. Both men and women, especially highly regarded even tan, without clothes and without a trace of the transition from chocolate brown to a pale skin color. But here's the problem: not all areas of the body tan evenly.

Particularly acute problem of uneven tanning affects the feet…

How To Cheat A Penalty

How to cheat a penalty

Perhaps one of the oldest on earth is considered a haircut square. It originated in ancient Egypt. And periodically returns to our lives, adding any new elements in the design. And now the square is at the height of fashion. These tips will help you in styling hair for this hairstyle.

Instruction how to cheat a…

Lunar Calendar Of Hairstyles On February 2015: Auspicious Days

Lunar calendar of hairstyles on February 2015: auspicious days

If you want to grow long and healthy hair, make them more dense, strong and obedient, then you definitely need to carry out any manipulation of the hair, taking into account the position of the moon and its phases.

Feb 1 - haircut, made on this day, have a positive effect on…

What You Need Your Hair - A Balm Or Conditioner?

What you need your hair - a balm or conditioner?

Hair Balm is designed to provide them with care and satisfy nutrients. Conditioning should minimize aggressive impact on the water while washing the hair and drying equipment, scratching. Both of these tools are included today in the shampoo, protecting hair and making them beautiful.

Air covers every hair invisible thin…

How To Repaint The Dark Hair Color

How to repaint the dark hair color

The modern woman can choose the color of hair, which she liked, with whom she feels most appealing. At the same time owners of blond hair is easier to change the image, while the dark-haired woman has to make a lot of effort to repaint the hair. How to change the dark and do…

What Is The Night To Lose Weight

What is the night to lose weight

Evening time of the day - it's time to doubt or hesitation for those who seek to lose excess weight. After all, there are so many different opinions about the dinner: one is strongly recommended to give it up, others advise lean meat. The truth, as often happens, it is the "golden mean".


Hand Care: Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Dry Skin

Hand Care: get rid of wrinkles and dry skin

Groomed female hands indicate untidiness ladies and betrays her true age. Dry flaky skin, spots, rough nails - a consequence of the impact of adverse factors. But you can cope with the problem, even necessary!

Homework, which takes away from the hands of beauty and youth can benefit the skin of hands,…

How To Fix A Foot-Shaped

How to fix a foot-shaped

The curvature of the legs may be of different shapes (x- and o-shaped, as well as false). But no matter what kind of shape your legs, there are several different techniques to correct them. And they can both be performed at home, and administered and carried out by your doctor.

Instruction on how to fix-shaped legs


How To Display The Dandruff Folk Remedies

How to display the dandruff folk remedies

Dandruff begins to appear at puberty every third person in the world. The fungus, settled on the scalp and feeds on sebum, produces acid, which leads to accelerated death of skin cells. For removing dandruff can use folk remedies, has a therapeutic effect.

Instruction how to get dandruff folk remedies

Step 1:

Wash your hair…

How To Sharpen A Razor

How to sharpen a razor

Few men prefer other ways of razor shaving. But those who choose for themselves exactly this way believe that it makes the normal procedure for self-care in a real ritual. But this razor needs care. And above all, it must be periodically sharpened. This can be done using various devices. One of the operations to care…

How To Whiten Your Tan

How to whiten your tan

The desire to get a nice tan sometimes brings some disappointment, because in some cases it looks like pigmentation or simply do not look for the skin especially when the melanin pigment contained in it in small quantities and any UV exposure makes it red or speckled. But with the help of ready-made cosmetics and natural…

How To Gain Weight Fast Girl

How to gain weight fast girl

Perhaps the most pressing issue for women today is to reduce the weight. In connection with this a lot of programs designed by nutritionists, however, the question of rapid weight gain seems no less of an issue. It is clear that all "recipes" to increase body weight based on a greater nutritional intake, muscle building.…

How To Recover Over-Dried Hair

How to recover over-dried hair

Regular use of a hair dryer, curling irons and hair iron causes them peresushke. Restore your hair, give it a healthy glow and beauty to help proven popular recipes.

You will need:

- vegetable oil; - egg yolk; - Cognac; - Castor oil; - Rum; - A decoction of the roots of burdock; - Juice of onion;…

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