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How To Determine The Original

How to determine the original

Buying perfume bottle, so do not want to become the owner of a fake. To protect themselves from this, you have to be very careful, especially if the spirits are purchased from online stores, "with hands", in the subway or in other random places. The original is a perfume, issued by a special formula in factories…

How To Repair Split Ends

How to repair split ends

Split ends - a problem that must be addressed, because of the smooth and obedient hair depends on the overall appearance of the girl and the degree of its grooming and beauty. Restore the structure of the hair can be both professional salons and at home with the help of special masks and balms.

You will…

How Not To Hurt Pierced Lip

How not to hurt pierced lip

Fans of piercing trying to decorate various parts of the body. Lips in this respect is one of the safest places. There are no major blood vessels and complex ganglia. Therefore, it is often on the street you can find young people with pierced lip.

Instruction how not to hurt pierced lip

Step 1:

To pierce…

How To Paint The Eyes With Dark Shadows

How to paint the eyes with dark shadows

Dark shadows eyes should be painted only for a night or a very solemn day makeup. In other situations, a make-up will look aggressive, and even vulgar. To apply a dark shade of black, brown, dark gray and other colors.

Instruction how to paint eyes dark shadows

Step 1:

The most beautiful and versatile…

How Can I See The Freckles On Her Face

How can I see the freckles on her face

Freckles - spots, which usually appear on the faces of girls and women with the first rays of spring and remain until the autumn. For many of the fair sex freckles become a real problem, from which they want to get rid of by any means.

You will need:

- Onion juice; -…

How To Get Rid Of Acne For A Day

How to get rid of acne for a day

Acne - one of the annoying problems that can torment not only in adolescence. They like to appear at the wrong time and in the most conspicuous place. Get rid of the annoying pimple the day is not possible. During this time, you can only reduce inflammation and slightly dry it. But…

Lemon Juice Will Help Get Rid Of Age Spots

Lemon juice will help get rid of age spots

Brown spots - a problem that delivers a lot of inconvenience. The main reason for changes in the skin and the appearance of stains on it - a violation of the natural pigmentation. Factors contributing to the appearance of age spots, a lot of, and ways to get rid of them too…

How To Choose The Stylish Hair Accessories

How to choose the stylish hair accessories

Accessories complement the image of women and serve as the final touch when it is created. Properly selected clips, headbands, combs and headbands can make a woman more attractive, to emphasize its advantages, as well as to give additional features: flirty, rigor, mystery and so on.

Instruction how to choose the stylish hair accessories


How To Make A Home Coloring

How to make a home coloring

Coloring - is the process of staining individual strands of hair in two or more similar in tone or contrasting color. It helps to make hair color more interesting and spectacular, to emphasize the structure of the haircut, and sometimes even visually increase.

You will need:

Brush, foil, paint colors hair mirror large pedestal, comb, several…

How To Braid On The Side Braid

How to braid on the side braid

If you do not have time to weave braids, use the easiest option - spit on her side. Make it possible for three minutes and no special skills.

You will need:

-comb -Rezinka

Instruction how to braid on the side braid

Step 1:

Comb your hair. Separate the lower part of the upper parting using a…

Nourishing Hair Mask At Home

Nourishing hair mask at home

In winter, the hair weakens, experiencing a shortage of water and vitamins, become dull, quickly spoiled at the roots. Of course, it is very important to return this hair health and to provide them with vitamin care. In winter, in this case can help nourishing mask.

If your hair is severely damaged, before using reducing nutrient…
Quickly Get Rid Of Cellulite - Easy

Quickly get rid of cellulite - easy!

Almost all women are interested in the same question: how to quickly get rid of cellulite? To get the answer, you need to know why there is the appearance of the notorious "orange peel". The main causes of cellulite - it is a general weakening of the skin tone, failures in metabolism and,…

How To Display Spots From Acne

How to display spots from acne

Everyone has repeatedly faced in their lives with the problem of removing acne. Particularly acute, this problem manifests itself in adolescence. But bring pimples - is half the battle. It is much harder to get rid of the effects of acne. And you are looking for the answer to a seemingly simple question: how to…

How To Get Rid Of Pigmented Age Spots

How to get rid of pigmented age spots

With age, the protective function of the skin is significantly reduced, and because of the constant exposure to ultraviolet rays often appear dark spots. This annoying cosmetic defect often gives the true age of the woman, and does not look very aesthetically pleasing. However, there are effective methods of combating pigment spots.


How To Care For Dry Skin In Summer

How to care for dry skin in summer

During the summer, the skin prone to dryness, is subject not only to the aggressive action of sunlight, but also dehydration. Therefore, in this time it requires extra care.

Instruction how to care for dry skin in summer

Step 1:

Start any treatments for skin care with its purification. For prone to dry skin,…

How To Start To Go To The Solarium

How to start to go to the solarium

Beautiful, even tan looks particularly attractive in the cold season, when due to lack of sun most people face become pale, almost gray. An excellent opportunity to obtain a golden skin tone now provide the solarium. But in order to achieve the desired result and does not harm your body, beginners should know…

How To Cut Your Bangs To The Side

How to cut your bangs to the side

Oblique bangs and bangs, combed to one side, are popular because unbanal look, stylish, flirty and refresh the face. Moreover, such a fringe is good girls with a round and a square type of face and hand it smoothes the contours.

You will need:

- hairdresser's scisors; - Thinning scissors (optional); - Clamps; -…

How To Do Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

How to do hairstyles for medium length hair

Many women tend to underestimate the possibility of hair of medium length, considering that of the diversity can only dream of. However, with such haircuts can think of a lot more interesting hairstyles and hair styling methods, rather than long or, on the contrary, short hair.

Instruction how to do hairstyles for medium…

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots From Acne

How to get rid of dark spots from acne

Spotting of acne is due to lack of proper treatment. Acne must be disinfected at an early stage of occurrence. In addition, acne in any case can not be squeezed out. If you do not follow these rules, spots on the skin appear inevitable.

You will need:

egg white, lemon juice, cucumber, essential…

How To Learn To Build Gel Nails

How to learn to build gel nails

Every girl dreams of a beautiful and well-kept pens. An important role is played in their beauty manicure. Therefore, many of the fair sex eager to learn how to build your own nails. After all these can be worn as much as 3-4 weeks! So, learning how to build gel nails?

You will need:


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