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Secrets of Body Care

Another selection of the most relevant tips for care of body, that every girl should know!

Secrets of Body Care Winter save the body skin from dryness by adding to the usual lotion baby nutritious oil. Also in the winter it is better to give preference to warm the soul, rather than baths - the latter will contribute to skin dryness and tightness. However, a bath once a week will not hurt: bath with pine extract, for example, perfectly relieves stress! After washing up each time it is desirable to lubricate the hand cream. And even better - do the dishes while wearing gloves. If you apply perfume correctly - by the ear, between the clavicles, the inner side of the elbow, and a knee - their flavor will be with you all day! tanning skhodit "spots"? Take a sponge, lightly sprinkle her usual baking soda and wipe the stain place. Foam for shaving legs perfectly replace conditioners for volos! It is necessary to get rid of corns? In the evening, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly and nadente warm socks. The next day, you can easily ibavites from them! To treat it remained smooth legs after shaving, use the following recipe: the basis of almond oil, add equal parts of tea tree oil and peppermint. Regular use of funds received and enjoy the results! If your chosen facial scrub was too harsh, use it to care for heels!