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The leader of the anti-aging race

Have you noticed that we have all thoroughly understand the issues of cosmetology? Indeed, in the race for the unfading beauty, not all means are good. Increasingly found pitfalls - the side effects of a surgeon's scalpel or needle cosmetologist, and we think about what to do, without worrying about the consequences.

The leader of the anti-aging race

The main trend of recent years have become laser procedures - it is they most preferred, since their path to the fight against wrinkles.

But tell me, what would you do if you knew that there is a cream, in its effect comparable to the effect of laser treatments? Confirmed by scientific studies, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenating skin. But this means there - Revitalift Laser X3 from L'Oréal Paris. Moreover, in the line is and whey, and means to care for delicate skin around the eyes.

We will understand how it was possible to reach a new anti-aging line of the effectiveness of laser treatments?

What fight? The thickness of the dermis and the epidermis thinner skin of our faces, so we look younger. The problem is that collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is no longer produced in the body after 25 years. With age, decreasing the number of collagen fibers in the dermis. The structural connection between the dermis and the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of skin, are damaged. Melt stocks of hyaluronic acid in the skin that are responsible for metabolism and moisture retention. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and covered with a network of fine wrinkles. Deepen wrinkles appear "crow's feet", the skin loses its elasticity and healthy color.

What to do? Actually, the essence of laser manipulation - the creation of microscopic lesions in the epidermis and upper dermis between two healthy areas of the skin to stimulate tissue regeneration. But constantly spur wrinkles this way uncomfortable, traumatic, and it is simple - it's expensive!

But modern technology gave us a whole new chance to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin is absolutely safe way. And besides superior in strength to dermatological laser.

Studies confirm that the funds Revitalift Laser X3 from L'Oréal Paris is not inferior to the effectiveness of laser skin resurfacing. 50 women were divided into 2 groups to participate in the testing. One group took a laser procedure for the correction of wrinkles, the second - for 8 weeks enjoyed a range of Revitalift Laser X3. The results were stunning. Restoring skin, reducing wrinkles, the victory over the "crow's feet" in the group that used Revitalift Laser X3, were comparable with the results of those who went through the laser procedure.

The scientific revolution was able to make a breakthrough scientists from laboratories L'Oréal Paris. More than 14 years of research have allowed them to establish that a molecule of natural origin - the pro-xylan at a concentration of 3% has the properties to restore the structure of the skin tissue. Pro-xylan possible to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen, increasing skin elasticity and firmness.

The composition of the products Revitalift Laser X3 from L'Oréal Paris pro-xylan complement fragmented hyaluronic acid and LHA - active agent that promotes regeneration of the epidermis and enhances the effect of pro-xylan.

Such composition allows to penetrate deep into and harness the power of these components without the need for laser cosmetology. Any means can be used indefinitely, allowing the skin to look young for years, not a few months after the laser exposure.

This anti-aging line has a unique effect, visibly reduces wrinkles and stimulates collagen and elastin production, penetrates deep into the skin and fills wrinkles.

Extend the youth of your skin with innovative products Revitalift Laser X3 from L'Oréal Paris.

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