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Tips seasoned: how to lose weight by 5 kg per week

The program rapid weight loss per week is designed for people who are not suffering from serious illnesses and provides tips that are easy to perform almost any person. Lose weight healthy!

Tips seasoned: how to lose weight by 5 kg per week

Instruction seasoned advice: how to lose weight by 5 kg per week

Step 1:

MONDAY. This day dedicate a reasonable planning. Take time for morning exercises and procedures. Purchase the necessary ingredients and products. Book time for the sauna. Make a sparing diet and zagotovte formula of auto-suggestion.

We are planning to lose weight by 5 kg

Step 2:

TUESDAY. As the following days of the week start losing weight with its water treatments. Drink 2 cups of warm boiled water on an empty stomach. Take a contrast shower, massaging the whole body, especially the problem areas, hard sponge. Have breakfast soaked from Monday evening buckwheat. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice. During the day, make a secret exercise that I spied from the masters of qigong. Put your foot on a small stool or a stool, squeeze the hand into a fist and hit himself on the outside of the hip in 4 points, starting from the point near the knee, then 2 in the middle and one near the buttocks. Make at least 50 sets of 4 hits on each thigh during the day. Through this part of the thigh passes the meridian of the gallbladder, which is responsible for digestion and overall metabolism. Slapped his thighs, you activate its operation. In the evening, take a stroll in the fresh air and go to bed as early as possible.

Lose weight is actively moving

Step 3:

WEDNESDAY. Continue to do all that started to do on Tuesday. Today is a very important day - it's time to become more active. As planned, on Monday, visit the office of sports massage. This type of massage is designed to strengthen the waste toxins, toxins and lactic acid from the muscles. If you are lucky and in the village, where you live, there are massage gouache, make a couple of sessions of healing, although very painful procedure. This massage comb made of bone buffalo invented Chinese medicine doctors to activate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the elimination of toxins from the body. Complete day walk and a relaxing bath with aromatic oils. Suit lavender, sage and lemon balm. Today minus 1 kg.

Sports massage releases toxins from the muscles.

Step 4:

THURSDAY. Day moderate load. It is important to maintain a specific pace earlier. Go to the gym to dance aerobics or go bowling with friends. Eat moderately and move more than usual. Finish the day going to the pool. The water is perfectly relaxes muscles and contributes to the rapid fall asleep. And do not forget rattling meridian of the gall bladder several times a day. Today another minus 1 kg.

Gym Walking promotes weight loss

Step 5:

FRIDAY. Start your day with a jog in the fresh air. All day drink a decoction of the root of Ural licorice or licorice, as it is called. This is almost the only available means for the revitalization of the lymphatic system. Brew grass in a thermos and drink during the working hours in small sips. So you have to prepare for tomorrow's lymphatic system health treatments. Eat as much as possible fresh stewed vegetables and easily digestible protein. And minus 1 kg.

A balanced diet is a healthy diet bail

Step 6:

SATURDAY. In the morning, continue to drink a decoction of licorice. Today you hike with friends in a sauna or a Russian bath. Select this occupation for several hours, preferably from 16:00 to 20:00. It is not necessary to go to the steam room in the early morning or late evening. Take a linen sheet, and a kilogram of sea salt, which can be bought at any pharmacy. Warm up properly in hot air sauna room separation. Then have a drink of hot herbal tea. While drinking tea with friends, soak a sheet in a solution of sea salt. 1 kg of salt in 10 liters of hot water. Half an hour later a little press sheet and wrap it in the whole body, except the head, go to the steam room. Alternate salt wrap with drinking hot tea. 5 minutes in the steam room, half an hour in the dressing room. Sheet after each call soak in the same saline. Finish the trip to the sauna a cool shower. Today you minus 2 kg. Saturday Evening spend lying on the couch. Before going to bed, you can see a light comedy or listen to classical music.

Sauna the best way to healthy weight loss

Step 7:

SUNDAY. Spend the day outdoors with family or friends. Skewers of meat substitute shrimp or fish on the grill. Walk, play ball, to move a lot. Saturate your body with oxygen and energy for the next week of a healthy diet. In the evening Summarize your rapid weight loss. What happened to carry out that work, and what needs to be adjusted. You have just become easier to 5 kg.

Walking in the fresh air will consolidate the results of weight loss