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What is the best ears pierced

An integral part of the female image are earrings. But in order not to harm their health, it is necessary to know how to pierce the ears and how to care for them after this procedure.

What is the best ears pierced

Instruction how best ears pierced

Step 1:

In no case do not pierce ears at home, it can lead to infection, in addition, the puncture can turn ugly and uneven. This procedure is better to select a cosmetic or medical institution.

Step 2:

There are two ways ear piercing: disposable sterile needle gun or rounded. The first - a safe and painless, but the cost will be more expensive. And the second - just old and proven method, but is only acceptable if carried out by a professional.

Step 3:

Before the procedure, ear piercing is required to wash your hair. Dust and dirt deposited on the hair, can get to the puncture site, thereby initiating irritation. In addition, wet ear after piercing can not be, so the head will need to be washed very gently throwing it back. Avoid swimming in the sea, river or lake.

Step 4:

While the puncture site will not heal, try to change the pillowcase on the pillow every day, so as not to bring germs and dust. At a minimum, use the phone.

Step 5:

Choosing earrings piercing your ears is also an important moment. Previously earrings are not inserted at once, instead of them weed out surgical thread and leave them for a few days, and now preferred earrings, but not heavy with precious stones, and in the loop shape, and weighing no more than 3 grams, so as not to injure the puncture site .

Step 6:

In the first week to observe certain treatments for punctures. Every day, rub the solution of boric alcohol. This drug can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription. To avoid of infection, be sure to use a separate swab for each ear and each pad, use only once. Rubbed into the puncture means is not necessary, just a second attach to the ear swab moistened first with one side and then the other. Carry out the procedure 3-4 times a day.

Step 7:

Very nice and interesting to look earrings, piercings which are made closer to the face, and not in the middle lobe. But, if you want to pierce ears in a different way, tell the specialist.