How To Drawing On Cappuccino

How to drawing on cappuccino

The tradition of decorating the coffee beautiful pictures come from time immemorial to us by Capuchin monks. Today barista - masters of painting on coffee every year come to the competition. There are only three basic shapes that form the basis of drawings. Teach them to create, you can please yourself and your loved ones a…

How To Choose A Mineral Water

How to choose a mineral water

The diversity represented on the shelves of stores of mineral water makes her choice quite difficult. After all, only some water there is no - medical, dining, with gas and without it! Consumers can only learn to choose exactly the one that not only quench your thirst, but also do not harm health.

Instruction how…

How To Choose A Dry Red Wine

How to choose a dry red wine

Surprisingly, the vast majority of basic table wines, which are produced throughout the world, and we enjoy during the meal - dry, including dry white, pink and, of course, red wine. How dry and red wine is saturated to a great extent dependent on grape variety, vineyard features and locations, as well as age…

10 Best Summer Cocktails

10 best summer cocktails

In the scorching summer heat of the city each person wants to find himself in a quiet place and enjoy the taste of a cool cocktail under the lapping of the waves and the breeze.

To escape from the summer heat you will not only ice cream, cool tea, chilled juices, kvass, but also delicious summer cocktails.…

As Frozen Transparent Ice

As frozen transparent ice

Ice is added to many beverages. It is necessary for cocktails and iced tea. In order to make friendly gatherings festive cocktails and gourmet tea ceremony, the ice must be clean and transparent. No complicated special device, except for the freezer, no need for this.

You will need:

- molds for ice; - Kettle or pan; - water…

How To Make Homemade Wine Out Of A Jam

How to make homemade wine out of a jam

Many housewives are always in stocks is a few cans of sugar last year's jam. The most ideal that can be cooked out of it - it's delicious home-made wine. After all, everyone knows that it retains excellent berry aroma. Prepare the wine is not difficult, you only wait for time.


The Famous Riga Black Balsam

The famous Riga Black Balsam

Even Goethe considered him the elixir of youth and sang in his "Faust." He was revered by many global policies of the past, including present-day fans - the British royal family. He is considered one of the business cards Latvia. All these praises of him - Riga balsam, strength of 45 degrees and a recognizable ceramic…

How To Clean The Brew

How to clean the brew

Moonshine is obtained from the distillation of wash using moonshine. After the process of distillation of this strong drink you need to clean of contaminants, as well as get rid of the odor.

Instruction how to clean the brew

Step 1:

Clean the ready brew of impurities potassium permanganate. In the three-liter jar of moonshine pour 2…

How Should You Drink Wine

How should you drink wine

Wine - a noble grape drink, known since ancient Greece. It is equally revered not only the French, the Italians, but also those people who do not have to its production in any way. These include the Russians, but they still do not know exactly how wine should be consumed.

Instruction how to drink wine

Step 1:…

The Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

The best non-alcoholic cocktails

Delicious cocktails based juices, sparkling water and a variety of syrups - an excellent drink for a hot summer day. Soft options you can drink without any restrictions - especially if you supplement with plenty of ice. Instead, use natural juices purchased fresh - cocktails with them will not only delicious, but also useful.

You will need:


Cooking Winter Drinks

Cooking winter drinks

In winter, especially before the New Year, I want to treat yourself to a drink, giving the appropriate mood. The most simple and popular of these are the cocoa, hot chocolate and mulled wine.


Simple recipe for hot chocolate

For the preparation of hot chocolate will need: standard tile porous dark chocolate on half a liter of milk,…

How To Make A Lime-Mint Iced Tea

How to make a lime-mint iced tea

A variety of soft drinks in the summer saves not only from the heat, but also from thirst and dehydration. For example, a light mint-lime tea in combination with ice becomes an excellent option for daily consumption.

You will need:

1 liter water; 4 tea bags or 2 teaspoons of tea leaves; 1 cup of…

How To Quench Their Thirst In The Heat

How to quench their thirst in the heat

The hot days of summer - the perfect time for the beverage industry. From refrigerators and shelves in supermarkets swept away everything that can quench your thirst. Each person will be useful to know what is possible and what is impossible to drink in the heat.

Instruction how to quench their thirst in…

How To Cook A Hot Chocolate

How to cook a hot chocolate

Chocolate has long been known for its ability to make our lives sweeter. Properly cooked at home drink from it will quickly warm up, relax and enjoy life. In order not to have to use powder substitutes such as Nesquik, learn how to prepare hot chocolate for all the rules.

You will need:

- 1 liter…

How To Brew Beer At Home

How to brew beer at home

Most beer recipes have very ancient roots, but many of the secrets of its preparation have survived. It has long been brewed Slavs foamy drink. It was added hops, honey, herbs and spices. To quickly make beer at home, today is enough to get a mini-brewery, malt extract and read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. You…

How To Avoid Scalds Tea

How to avoid scalds tea

Tea - a popular drink among different segments of the population. It has a mass of useful features: contains antioxidants, increases the pressure, relieves headaches, tones. Different people have different preferences in the culture of drinking the beverage. Some dilute it with milk, others put a lemon, some dilute it with cold water, while others prefer…

How Should You Drink Martini

How should you drink Martini

The name "Martini" is the brand of vermouth is originally from Italy. This noble drink contains in its composition a large number of herbs that makes it a unique taste. Drinking Martini - a special ritual, the commission of which brings pleasure.

You will need:

- Martini; - A special glass; - Ice.

Instruction how to drink…

How To Cook Stewed Pears

How to cook stewed pears

Stewed pears - perfect drink to quench their thirst in the summer. In addition, it will warm in the winter, filling the room with summer scents and memories. Easy and pleasant to the taste, the compote will be the favorite in your family.

You will need:

Based on 1 liter of water - 10 pears; - 250…

How To Cook Jelly Briquette

How to cook jelly briquette

Berry jelly - a tasty drink that appears less and less on the tables. But cook it is not difficult, especially if used for cooking special bricks, which can be purchased at any store.

You will need:

- briquette; - Starch; - lemon acid; - Sugar; - juice; - Boiling; - Berries; - Ice cream.

Instruction how…

How Better To Drink Whiskey

How better to drink whiskey

Whisky - a drink with a lot of people. In Scotland, it is produced mainly from barley, Ireland - barley, wheat, oats, rye, in America and Canada using rye and corn. Also materials, different grades and different manufacturing process. And more importantly, how long and what kept the drink. Deciding how best to drink whiskey, you…

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