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10 best summer cocktails

In the scorching summer heat of the city each person wants to find himself in a quiet place and enjoy the taste of a cool cocktail under the lapping of the waves and the breeze.

10 best summer cocktails

To escape from the summer heat you will not only ice cream, cool tea, chilled juices, kvass, but also delicious summer cocktails.

You can easily cook top 10 best summer cocktails. You will need only cups, fruit and ice.

1. Lemonade, which is home to France, is one of the most popular beverages, covering the summer heat. To prepare this drink is simple: in a glass of water, add sugar and a few lemons.

2. Non-alcoholic mojito, which is a mixture of lime and mint. Half of lime or lemon juice is added to soda water, and a sprig of mint and a few strawberries, and then poured syrup.

3. Non-alcoholic Bloody Mary. Connect 100 g 20 g of tomato and lemon juice, then add salt to taste, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and ice.

4. Useful herbs. In summer, good cocktails made with citrus fruits, celery, ginger, cherries, etc.

5. julep. For the preparation of orange julep you need to mix 100 g of orange juice, 20 g of lemon juice, and then add the mint syrup and a small amount of honey.

6. Smoothies. Take yogurt, add the 1 cucumber and tomato, a little onion and celery, Salt to taste, pepper and Tabasco and popular smoothie is ready.

7. Lassi. Traditional Indian lassi made from fruit, ice, yogurt, water, and taste come from sugar, salt and various spices.

8. Coffee Frappe (chilled coffee). Prepare this traditional Greek drink is not difficult: in a glass whip espresso, sugar and a little water. To add milk flavor, a little cream or chocolate.

9. Nine-cobbler. Cobbler simultaneously represents and cake, and a cocktail. To prepare the quince Cobbler, you should: quince juice with pulp, lemon juice and 1 banana. Mix all ingredients and add ice.

10. Fruit Tea. Probably the most popular and useful drink in the summer hell - it's cool tea. This tea tones and a very good thirst quencher. Take green tea, add the slice of lemon, a sprig of mint and a few slices of orange and grapefruit, and a couple of tablespoons of pomegranate juice, then cool.

Joyful summer days, warm sun and delicious cool cocktails!