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10 most common myths about alcohol

There are a lot of myths about spirits. Given how many people regularly consume alcohol, it is easy to understand, where do these myths and "evidence". There are 10 of the most common myths about alcohol.

10 most common myths about alcohol

Instruction 10 of the most common myths about alcohol

Step 1:

Light drinks (beer, wine) are less harmful than the strong (vodka, cognac). All alcoholic beverages are called as such due to the fact that there is alcohol. Dependence in humans arises precisely this substance and not on the particular type of drink. Wine and beer, vodka, cocktails - it's just a wrapper, which is one and the same substance. This state of affairs is not to say that more than soft drinks are less harmful than the strong, in fact, they are the same.

Step 2:

From alcohol do not get fat. In 100 grams of vodka contains approximately 250 calories. Alcohol is digested fairly quickly, but snack is converted into fat stores.

Step 3:

Alcohol - a warming agent. For the first time since the adoption of alcohol, blood vessels dilate really, but this effect very quickly fizzles. It is very dangerous that the drunk person loses sensitivity to cold, and it can lead to hypothermia and disease further.

Step 4:

Alcohol cures the flu. Not a single case when influenza viruses are destroyed by means of ethanol. Also, alcohol significantly lowers immunity.

Step 5:

Children can make kefir from a very early age. Kefir contains about 1% of ethanol. It would seem that it is very small, but in fact it is a poison that would be dangerous for the baby. Even an adult who regularly consume yogurt, it can be addictive and subsequent cravings for alcohol.

Step 6:

Alcohol - the perfect sleeping pill. A small dose of alcohol does cause drowsiness effect. A man under the influence of alcohol can only sleep in the REM sleep phase, however, the body is resting only in REM sleep that alcohol suppresses.

Step 7:

To whet your child may be given low alcohol drinks. In fact, it's a straight road to gastritis, as alcohol affects your appetite through the development of gastric juice.

Step 8:

Red wine is able to clean the blood vessels. According to many, red wine contains special polyphenols, which help clean the vessels. In fact these substances are found in fruits, tea and herbs. Therefore, to clean the vessels, it is better to give up wine and drink good tea or eat a piece of fruit.

Step 9:

Alcohol lowers blood pressure. Alcohol dilates blood vessels for a short time - it's a fact. At the same time there is a strengthening of heart muscle contraction frequency, increased volume of blood pumped. As a result, not only the pressure change, but it may still increase.

Step 10:

Vodka cures stomach. In fact, the vodka will not cure the stomach, but only painkillers. Therefore, if the disease is not treated, but all the time only to anesthetize, it is likely to develop gastritis, and will add a lot of other diseases.