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Aperitif: appetizing exquisite!

"apert" in French means "open". Aperitif - is not just a drink to whet your appetite, this exquisite French ritual of hospitality, a way to take the guests before dinner, while away half an hour, waiting to cheer up and stimulate the appetite. In some European countries, even the cocktail appetizer served for breakfast or afternoon tea in England aperitif - a ritual before lunch. How to prepare a cocktail aperitif?

Aperitif: appetizing exquisite!

Instruction appetizer: appetizing exquisite!

Step 1:

Cocktail "Dry Martini" - Good easy appetizer consisting of 60 ml gin 20 ml dry vermouth. Do not forget the olive. Whisk alcoholic drinks in a shaker with ice, serve in cocktail glasses, decorated with an olive skewer.

Step 2:

Aperitif "Emerald goddess" prepared from 20 ml of liquor Curacao, 20ml anise Pernot, 80 ml of orange juice and 80 ml passion fruit juice. Shake in a shaker liqueur aperitif and juices. Add crushed ice, it shakes again, pour the mixture. Orange juice with blue Curacao will be emerald color. For jewelry ring orange aperitif used. The cocktail is served with a straw.

Step 3:

Cocktail "Signor Tomato soft" - Also quite a aperitif. Ingredients: 100 ml of tomato juice, 1 raw egg yolk, 2 tsp fresh lemon juice, a clove of garlic or green onions, black pepper. Garlic or onion grind in a mortar, mix in a shaker with the remaining components. Add an ice cube.

Step 4:

sherry aperitif "Adonis" 2/3 consists of sherry and 1/3 dry white vermouth, dressed with orange peel. Simply mix the two drinks in a shaker and serve in a cocktail glass of slices with peel.