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As frozen transparent ice

Ice is added to many beverages. It is necessary for cocktails and iced tea. In order to make friendly gatherings festive cocktails and gourmet tea ceremony, the ice must be clean and transparent. No complicated special device, except for the freezer, no need for this.

As frozen transparent ice

You will need:

- molds for ice; - Kettle or pan; - water filter; - food colorings.

Instruction how to freeze transparent ice

Step 1:

Prepare the water. Plain water from the tap is also nice, but it can be either too hard or chlorinated, or have even some shortcomings preventing the formation of clear ice. Buy bottled water from a reliable manufacturer. It is likely already passed all the necessary procedures, so it is easy to freeze.

Step 2:

However, bottled water is the right quality is not always on sale. Pour tap water into the kettle. Better if it will be a modern electric, because it does not form a scum. If you have at hand only tea that you want to heat on the stove, remove the scum. You can also use a clean saucepan. Boil the water. Remove it from the heat and let cool at room temperature.

Step 3:

Bottled water from a trusted manufacturer can not filter. Since water merely necessary to do so. Filters are different in this case is more convenient to the one that looks like a kettle. Pour water into the container, let it stand for a while, and then gradually pour into another container. The water in this case passes through the membrane filter, on which are all unwanted substances. The filter itself can be made. Take the funnel. Put a small piece of gauze to get him to shut the nozzle. Cover with a piece of cotton wool or filter paper. Pour water on a homemade filter. It is all unnecessary delay no worse than purchase.

Step 4:

Pour the boiled and filtered water into the molds. Put in the freezer. If you want a colored ice, add some bright food coloring. The color should be in harmony with the color of the beverage, otherwise all the work will go down the drain. By freezing the ice, serve it with a drink.